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Nevro Hf10 stimulator with paddle

Hi all.

I am scheduled to have the Nevro Hf10 spinal stimulator put in at the end of August. The trial went okay. I definitely had improvement in my butt and legs but not as sure on my back. On day six, they took an X-ray and saw that the leads had moved a lot. They had said that typically they don't move but in the cases that they do, it's usually on a centimeter or so. My leads moved the size of a whole vertebra. They reprogrammed the leads and I think I had a little relief but not positive as I was still having procedural pain in the back area. It was hard to tell. Anyway, my doctor and I decided that I had enough relief to have the permanent stimulator put in because one of my biggest complaints is sitting and driving and the temp one helped that. Instead of the leads, they will use the "paddle" which is known to stay in place better because it is sewn in deeper down and covers more area. Has anyone had the Nevro put in and more specifically, with the paddle?

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I had same problem with the leads so I had the paddle put in. It was really recent so am not quite sure how much is helping because still having surgery pain. I didn't take pain pills after I got home except my amnipritalin and Tylenol so not really sure about pain, but think it is helping. They things they told me not to do are the same things that make my back hurt so that is why I can't tell. Have check up Tues so will find out if I can try doing things.


Hi there i am due to have the paddle put in on Monday could you tell me how bad was the pain from the surgery and how does the implanted battery feel, would really appreciate any info you can give me


Don't know how to say. Immediately I would say 10. I stayed in hospital overnight because I can't take pain meds orally and wanted intervenice pain meds. I was surprised that I was able to sleep on my side with no pain. Turning over, getting out of bed and chairs were the worst, but barble now.

I am real confident in my surgeon. He told me surgery took longer because he had trouble getting the battery to stay in place so he had to put it into muscle. It moves in fat more, but it hurts more in muscle. That is another reason I had more pain.

It is not pleasant, but I can get relief. My husband bought me a gel pillow to put behind my back when I sit in my chair. Like I said I can get comfortable in bed on side without stabilizer and battery. Allow yourself to ask for help.

One of the reasons I have pain is because I push my self some. I am careful to not do what they say. But I also try to do as much as I can.

Summary: Immediately after surgery it is terrible. After, you can get relief. If you are able to take pain meds you should have it a little easier than me.


Sorry I saw some mistypes. I do try really hard to do what they say and the pain is bearable.



I haven't been on here since I had the stimulator put in. I am similar to Conniejfoster in that I also stayed overnight but I believe it was just because they had to keep putting off the surgery and it ended up being at about 6:00pm. Also, my battery went into muscle and it was definitely painful. I had it put in my lower left side, at the belt line. I don't have a lot of fat there and they said they were hoping that wouldn't be a problem settling in. They said they can always move it later but I'm all set with going back in. To this day, if I sit on a hard bench (like church), or even my husband's car that is supposed to be made for lumbar support, it does hurt where my battery is. Other than that, I sort of forget I have it until I physically feel it or when I have to charge up. The surgery was painful, yes, as many others I've had. I actually think that the worst for me right after was the muscle spasms and pain. It was crazy. I had to keep shifting my position and had to take muscle relaxers for about a week. That is gone now and was gone within a couple of weeks, I believe.

I also push myself to do as much as I can. I kind of felt like I had to at first to be able to give the Nevro reps and myself a clearer idea how it was helping me. I did meet with the reps a few times to get reprogramed when the first two programs did not help. Be patient. Everyone's different in terms of where they need the program to be. I know it's frustrating but hang in there. Hopefully, you will be successful and it will all have been worth it. Overall, the stimulator did help with sitting. It has helped some with my back but my biggest complaint at that time was the sitting and driving. I'm happy to say that I finally went back to work after 20+ years a few months ago and I'm so glad I did. My back/butt hurt on a daily basis but are now less painful so that I'm not thinking about it 24 hours a day.

Good luck to both of you!


thank you


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