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Nevro Hf10 stimulator with paddle

Hi all.

I am scheduled to have the Nevro Hf10 spinal stimulator put in at the end of August. The trial went okay. I definitely had improvement in my butt and legs but not as sure on my back. On day six, they took an X-ray and saw that the leads had moved a lot. They had said that typically they don't move but in the cases that they do, it's usually on a centimeter or so. My leads moved the size of a whole vertebra. They reprogrammed the leads and I think I had a little relief but not positive as I was still having procedural pain in the back area. It was hard to tell. Anyway, my doctor and I decided that I had enough relief to have the permanent stimulator put in because one of my biggest complaints is sitting and driving and the temp one helped that. Instead of the leads, they will use the "paddle" which is known to stay in place better because it is sewn in deeper down and covers more area. Has anyone had the Nevro put in and more specifically, with the paddle?

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