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I'm trying to reduce my meds was on 100 mg longtec daily 50 x2 and 5 mg of shortec as required. But not giving me the relief it used to do . I just seem to be increasing to no real results . I've been getting grief from my husband as he said I'm addicted . So I've spoke to gp who said I may well be . But because of my acute pain might not have options. I've started to reduce and after dropping slowly 40 mg I'm no worse off but no idea what is going to help me . Or not sure what to do . I'm allergic to preganlin and gabapentine help . Advice where to go next from people in my position thanks .

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If you are taking medication purely for pain relief- then you are not addicted.

I don't know longtec or shortec but am assuming they are a form of oxycodone hydrochloride -rather like oxycontin??

That means you you fairly well along the road of opiate pain relief. Fentanyl would be your next step.

But you really need to talk to your Dr or a pain consultant - who would know precisely your condition and history.

You don't say what's wrong with you or whether your condition is getting worse to cause the pain relief to seem to be less effective.

It may be that you are becoming tolerant to the opiate.

Anotherfactor could be that you are taking inhibitors that lessen thw the effectiveness of the meds. High fat meals, grapefruitjuice-a potentiator but limits the effect or shortens the life.

A lot to consider there- not simple.

Good luck.

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I take Longtec and Shortec (cheaper versions of Oxynorm and Oxycontin) for PHN. Because my pain levels vary, I don't take a regular amount of these drugs every day, I only take them as and when I really need them, and this has helped me to avoid addiction over the last twelve years.

Some doctors have really given me grief because I don't take a regular dose of Opiates every day, but this system just doesn't work as the dose I'm given becomes ineffective in a couple of weeks. Speak to your Pain Consultant to discuss what you should do now - depending on the type of pain you have they may have some further suggestions.

I've had Quetenza patch treatments in the past - it's not invasive, only takes and hour and improves my pain levels over the following 2-3 months. Wishing you well xxx

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Hi there I'm doing exactly same as you with the same problem. Same dosages as well funny enough. I'm going to speak with my Dr at long last and see what I can do seems they said no to patches. Not effective she told me...... I'm sick to death of getting the same answers and not going forward now. It's really taking a toll on my depression and marriage a little now. I'll post here what the outcome is from the Dr. Maybe help each other never know.

Take it easy


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