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Idiopathic Neuropathy

I first started with this condition over 10 years ago, it has over the years progressed to the point that I can only walk small distance, but by far the worst aspect is my totally loss of balance, which dramatically affects the forward momentum of walking, and even standing still need something for support. Any comments or advice from others with this condition would be appreciated

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Are you under the care of a consultant? I am just thinking that in ten years other things could have been developing too. I take it this is in your feet? Could there also be other things going on in your feet that is causing the loss of balance? Do you have a podiatrist, insoles?

I am just thinking of my friend who was diagnosed with fibro. it was controlled by drugs, but then the pain started breaking though, mainly in her hips. Initially the GP said it was just the fibro and stress, but then eventually they x-rayed her hips and it turned out that she also had advanced osteoarthritis and was fast tracked to surgery. It turned out that the symptom of one condition was masking another, but together the symptoms of both were bigger than each on their own!


Thank you, your comments have given me other thoughts to pursue..


Hi! I have a myriad of autoimmune conditions but I have gone rounds with idiopathic neuropathy for well over a decade. We've never been truly able to nail down the cause hence the idiopathic by we are thinking it's a latent effect from chemotherapy. In my case it's gotten been over the past couple of years and we don't know why. Initially neurontin helped a little bit. My feet drove me so crazy the only thing I could stand to wear were a Ugg type boot and my podiatrist had custom orthodics made for me which made a HUGE difference. I found as long as I could keep my ankle stable and secure and my foot fully supported through the arch, it was the best chance I had at walking without hurting myself. The thought of waking across an uneven surface was terrifying for fear of losing my balance and falling. I had nerve conduction studies done that showed I had various nerve problems in my spine that caused problems with everything from my back, hips, legs and feet. Over time with exercise I've been available to avoid surgery and the neuropathy only occasionally acts up now.

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