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When to go to the emergency room!!!


Hey everyone, I'm not doing good at all today. I couldn't sleep because the pain was so bad and my heartbeat in my stomach and neck were pounding so hard. I can't take deep breathes laying down. I went to bed in pain, once I fell asleep the pain and heartbeat/difficult breathing woke me up. I'm so nauseous and I feel like something is pressing on my ribs from underneath and when I stand up I feel so much painful pressure drop into my right hip waist area and Feel super full and bloated in my lower stomach. No appetite. Idk what to do, but It's becoming intolerable. I can't stand, or walk it's too painful I can sometimes get a little relief sitting but most the time I can't. If I lay flat on my back without a pillow the pain is cut in half but I can't do it for long due to have to young kids and muscle spasms and upper back pain. I can't get relief and can't go on. Waiting on doctors to call back but doubt they'll call back before the end of the work day. I hate the Hospital but wondering if the stomach pressure and heartbeat are reason enough to go in. Thanks everyone for all the support.

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If you have put the call in to the GP surgery then I would wait for that. Because if you do need to go to A&E they can arrange ahead of time and you will be seen quicker. If on the other hand they don't think you need to go you can save yourself a long and painful wait.

I hope they ring back soon.

DLAZ in reply to cyberbarn

They never called! So I went! My GFR (kidney function) went down from 94 to 77 in 3 weeks and they still didn't help me, only gave me pain meds, blood urine test, and another Ct scan and sent me home. I'm so defeated. I'm in the States and the doctors here don't care at all. It's SO sad.

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