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I am sooo cross with myself!

Hi everyone, last July I had a fairly complex operation on my lower leg and ankle. I was exceptionally fortunate that bones/ankle healed very quickly. However, 6 months later I was diagnosed with CRPS (I call it craps). I am a semi-retired teacher and live in Abu Dhabi but I don't work over there, just my husband who is also a teacher. I am only mentioning this to illustrate that we divide our time between the UAE and the UK. Anyway, I recently flew back to the UK as my mother is seriously ill. I've been back in our flat now (on my own) for over 6 weeks and have been soooo depressed that I've done absolutely no physio at all - I know what exercises I need to do but just don't have the willpower to do them. I'm such an idiot because by not doing them, the CRPS has flared up to the point where I actually can't do any physio at all. Has anyone else experienced the situation where you know what you need to do in order to help yourself heal but are so depressed that you find it difficult to get motivated? I spend the majority of my days under the duvet. Perhaps I'm just being a lazy moo ;-)

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You've a lot on your plate so it's understandable.

There are times I'm fed up that I need to follow exercises daily to hold station and maintain rather than actually improve. Over time, I have had some improvements but I seem to have plateau'd now and need to exercise to keep my gains. Any interruption (picking up an injury or fracture) and I seem to lose ground quickly.

I hope that the depression lifts as that's a heavy burden with a major impact on your quality of life and energy to engage in activities.

Can you manage to consult a physiotherapist or someone who specialises in CRPS while you're in the UK to help you over this deterioration and back on track?


I tell my family, that complain about my lack of motivation, that my pain is directly related to lack of motivation. If I am not moving, it is because I am in too much pain. I recently had a migraine for 8 weeks. It would not even subside, much less abort. Turns out the cause was a med called carefate, for gastritis. Anyway, enough about me. Exercise will help you feel better. Just try for 10 minutes per day and move on from there. I have been slacking myself, but today is the day to start again! Good luck and God bless, from Massachusetts, USA!


I am assuming that you have registered with a GP while here in the UK? If so, do they have a social prescribing service or a wellbeing coordinator? If so, go and see them. They might be able to help you find some activities to to help get you motivated. As you know pain is related to your emotional mood, and if you can fix one, the other will follow.

Not all GPs have social prescribing yet, but it is being rolled out over the whole country.


I found your post interesting. After been hospitalised last year for 5 weeks with shingles on my sciatic nerve, which left me with a dropped foot, I am more or less at the same stage as when I came home. I saw a podiatrist who made me special insoles, and also a physiotherapist for a while, but nothing worked, and I seem to be left in limbo now! The physio told me that I had just been very unlucky and she couldn't do any more for me, and I should just keep massaging the affected foot. I do forget to do it sometimes, and I wear a splint, but his will be the 2nd summer that I haven't been able to wear summer skirts or nice summer shoes, and it's making me very depressed. I have considered seeing someone privately but I don't want to find that it's just a waste of money!!


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