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After 4 years on Morphine with the dose getting my body as started to reject it. I have learnt there is something else I could be taking but the pain clinic wants to see me first. I have been waiting for a appointment for 3 months. Because I have not got appointment yet I am not counted as being on the official waiting list. I can't just stop taking the Morphine because I would have fight the addiction as well as being crippled by the pain.

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NO. Never stop taking it without discussing with your GP or the consultant who prescribed it.

You don't say whether you went through other meds first or straight on to morphine. Or what dose you are taking?

Waiting times for aps at pain clinic vary throughout the country from very long to indefinite.

You could call and say you would accept any cancellaion if that is an option for you.



I have suffered with Chronic Pain Syndrome since 1989. I have been subjected to all kinds of natcotics, opiates, stimulators, injections and surgery.

First item I would like to point out is find yourself a top grade orthopaedic surgeon. One who deals with specific pain related surgeries. Perform internet searches etc. Quiz your G.P. Do your homework.

Secondly, find a recognised pain centre.

After all the different trials I suffered with, I found a doctor who used stimulators in helping with pain. In my case Stimson were no good as I would have needed at least three and anymore than two would be ineffective. The only answer would be a drug pump inserted under the skin and a catheter threaded under the skin to the spine where it is inserted above the injury. The pump continuously drips morphine to the injured area. The result being a considerable decrease in pain.

Thirdly. Understanding the effects of getting high/hooked on morphine. Yes, it is easy to get hooked on any narcotic but to simplify matters, with the correct dose you will never get high on morphine. The morphine is used to lessen the pain at the site of injury. Any hypnotic effect are greatly reduced by the pain receptors in the nerves. If you are getting high then your dose is too high. It is not meant to kill the pain totally but to reduce it to a manageable state, no matter how susceptible you are.

Find a good pain management course and get signed up. You will find that it will really help you to discuss your situation with others in similar ositions.

With the treatment of pain thre is no one answer. Do your research.


Yes I understand what you are saying but I am not able to fight the pain because of another condition I am being tested for and I'm going to see the consultant for next Thursday, I saw my local Doctor yesterday because of severe headaches I'm getting and he said 90% sure I've sleep aepnia (can't spell it), he said I am not getting enough oxygen to my brain, he said you will have to wear mask at night. I said can this condition could been coming on for years. He said yes, I said that would explain a lot of things in my past life, like gradually losing in my hobby and other things, I hope this Oxygen mask works.


JeffMett NOOOOOOO do not stop taking the morphine!!!!!!! The withdrawals will be worse than what ever is causing the pain!!!!!! Just like Bananas5 said. Even when you get to the pain clinic. The Dr. will decrease your dosage very slowly until you can stop. The other drop in Opana. It is at 5mg 3 time more powerful than morphine. I take it after 20 years on and off of narcotics of every name and kind. I have absolutely no side effects. Probably because of the length of time I have Benn on other narcotics. The only thing that bothers me. I need to drink a ton of water otherwise constipation sets in. TMI, I know.

Hope this helps my friend.

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*drug not drop


It will be worth the wait for the pain clinic. They will be holistic and take you through not just the drugs but also the other things that you can do. Can you ask who ever referred you to check the status of the referral? Then at least you will have an idea if you are on the waiting list yet or not.


Being already with the Pain Clinic I asked if I could see as I was getting worried about my general plus I still getting a lot of pain at times. Last week I told my local Doctor about the symptoms I was getting and he said all them could be the Morphine and said he was going to write to the pain clinic as he as now sign me of for work.


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