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Hi there. I have just moved to London. I am suffering from very bad back pain - I have had it for two years. I've been for x-rays, physio appointments, chiropractor appointments, acupuncture, and now private Pilates lessons. But no one seems to know what is wrong with my back pain - some days it can get chronic.

Can anyone recommend a good orthopedic surgeon in SW London? And should I get a referral note from my GP or do a self referral?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Hi if you are asking to be referred on the NHS you will need a referral from your doctor. Why not ask them at the same time whom they would recommend?

  • Thank you! :)

  • Have you tried looking into the Alexander Technique? It can be a good sign that nothing has been found or is seriously wrong ,it could well be your posture or the way your standing or sitting. Many things can be trapped in our musculature , like old memories and emotions that we dont know are affecting us and the way we move and stand and our whole being, its well worth looking into it. you can google it and see if you think its for you. im sure your pilates teacher would approve. all the very best love grace xoxoxo

  • I have never heard of the Alexander Technique but since reading your reply I have looked it up, and it looks very interesting! Thank you, will look into it further :)

  • Many years ago when MRIs first started to be used, they thought they had found the cause of chronic back pain as they found a common structural anomaly, or so they thought.

    But after surgery all these people still had back pain. So some bright spark decided to do some proper research and match patients without back pain but the same age with patients that had back pain. They found out that all older people had spines like that, and the anomaly wasn't what was causing the pain!

    It might be that the pain isn't in your back anymore, but has become chronic pain where your brain is interpreting the pain as coming from your back.

    I would go to your GP and see what they say, and ask for a referral to a pain clinic rather than an orthopaedic surgeon.

  • Thanks a stack!

  • For spinal problems I recommend James Allibone and his team at UCLH centre of excellence. He saved my friend's life when she broke her spine and was misdiagnosed by another hospital so when I found out I had a slipped disc I went there and they are absolutely outstanding; the NHS at its finest.

    Also I thoroughly recommend a trainer called Joel Proskewitz, based Swiss Cottage, who works very closely with dr Stuart McGill, a Canadian professor of spine biomechanics. When my back was at its worst, Joel and the exoercises he had me doing were the only thing that helped while I was waiting for my UCLH appointment. All the GP did was put me on pregabalin which was no help and I hated the side effects - might have been worth it if the blasted stuff worked but it didn't, for me.

    ATB, Ellie

  • Thank you so much! :)

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