Something positive to write about :)

Something positive to write about :)

I think this is the first positive post I've wrote on here back in august last year I was bee bound for a month with my pain, but 8 months on with the help of pain modifiers and decreasing stress levels literally defeating anything that causes stress my pain has become manageable and I can do a lot more I still have episodes of pain but I'm proof it can get better with alot of work and determination stress I think personally is the biggest trigger for pain so people try to live happy and reduce any stress you may have and I wish you all to be better soon x

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  • Hi there , firstly glad your managing your pain, it's not easy. I would totally agree that stress is a massive trigger for pain , I would also add sleep or lack of to your list these are the 2 things I focus on.

    Add in determination positivity then a few other things like relaxation etc etc things can be better, never perfect but better.

    One thing for me if you feel like you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel,

    Turn yourself around its not a tunnel it's a cave.

    Thanks for the boost of positivity today.

    All the best dave

  • I totally agree lack of sleep can do alot of awful things to our mind and body, I like your quote its totally right and us as caveman and woman need to venture out our caves in order to survive the world may be scary but each time we explore It can be a little easier, glad I could pass on some positivity all the best missy

  • Thank you so much for your post. Just the reminder I needed, my pain management has been rubbish just lately. Feeling good in oneself through stress management, sleep, and generally looking after oneself is so vital.

    I will be doing some serious thinking tonight! And would add the importance of compassion, I can feel it for others .......

    Best wishes

  • Your most welcome ginger31, compassion for all is important too that's what I love about this site , I hope that you can get more manageable with your pain life causes stress so it is hard but I know when I gave in it felt like everything caved in at once now I battle each stress and it feels so much more manageable and deep breathing has helped when I am in pain I wish you all the best

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