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Good Morning everybody how are you all.

I've only placed this post & I really think I might be able to direct you to 1 of the best sites I've been on Regarding & how can fill it in with there knowledge.

I really wish you all the best of luck

The site has been set up by the CAB

i'm not sure if were actually allowed to post links as such

so you'll need to go to or search for CAB help filling in your PIP claim form it will give you every bit of knowledge you'll need. Please @ least look @ it best of luck

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Yes I agree. There are actually quite a few good web and facebook pages with useful information on benefits applications. But as you say the CAB is an excellent one. Lots of detailed useful info on it.

I'm sure you can put the link for it in as it's a not for profit organisation.

Gentle hugs,


Hi, have you put a link on?


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