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Chest pain

Hey everyone,

Hoping to get some answers or help because the doctors can't figure out what's going on with me. I am 24 years old, female and very active and healthy. Starting 4 years ago, I randomly got this horrible chest pain. The doctors thought it was just a pulled muscle since I had started a new workout routine. It usually comes up and goes away within 5-10 days. When it came back again a few months later, I went back to the doctor and she did an EKG and said I had pericarditis. She also said I had an elevated ANA in my blood work and was concerned about reuhmatic heart disesae and prescribed me penicillin. After that I went to Duke hospital because I was very worried and they said all my tests look fine. Over the past 4 years, I have had lots of tests and nobody can find out what's wrong. The hard part is that the pain is only there for a week so it's hard to get to a specialist while I'm experiencing the pain. And we can't really do trial and error because the pain will be gone and we won't know if it was the medicine or it just went away on its own. I usually get these episodes of chest pain a few times a year. And it feels like pressure in the middle of my chest that radiates to my throat, neck, back, head, ears and jaw. It hurts worse when I take a deep breath, lie back, or if I'm standing and bend over to pick something up. It feels best when I sit up and lean forward. If anyone has had this experience and have any help that would be awesome! The pain is horrible and keeps me up at night and I'm scared something may be wrong with my heart. Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)

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Did they look into the possibility that it is your ribs coming out of place? There are joints between your ribs and your breastbone, and those joints can get strained and sprained like any other joint.

It can be very scary to think that there is something wrong with our hearts, but they are not the only things that can cause chest pain.


As you've had abnormal results from an ECG and bloods in the past, and from the symptoms you're describing, I wouldn't hesitate in calling for an ambulance when you next experience the chest pains! If it turns out to be something benign then so be it; paramedics really don't mind a chest pain call turning out to be non-cardiac related!! In the meantime, get an appointment asap with your GP and explain what's been going on.

It could be costochondritis which is basically inflammation of the soft tissue that joins your ribs to your breast bone. It could be acid reflux - 'heart burn' can affect your jaw & neck etc if it's especially problematic.

The important thing is that as you've got a cardiac history, you really should get this checked out; even to just reassure yourself! Better safe than......



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