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Hi am new to website

For the last 41/2 weeks I have been suffering from shingles and the pain is 24/7 . Because I am taking perendapril and amlodapine for blood pressure it limits what analgesics I can take to relieve the pain and I am taking paracetamol or co-coda mol . These pills dull the pain but don't relieve it completely. I also only have one Kidney and this also limits the medication I can take because of the side effects. The rash which is around the waistline is almost healed but a few of the scabs remain, but the pain has now become very itchy under the skin and the surrounding skin is very sore to touch.

Does anyone know of any creams that can releave the itching other than calamine lotion which only deadens it for short periods and I have to keep reapplying during the night which disturbs my sleep every night.

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I suffer from extreme itching as a result of eczema. I have found quick relief from Rose Water (cosmetic grade) - I buy it from Younique.

However, if it's really bad & waking me, I will try Benadryl or renitadine - this is typically for heartburn, but an off-label use is itching! Maybe ask if you are able to use either? Hopefully you find some relief.

I have tried every cream I can get my hands on & nothing helps for more than a brief period, in my experience. If you do find something else, I'll try it too! :)

I also use an essential oil blend called 'Allergy' through one of our stores, Sage. Not sure if it exists in the U.K. though. But that could be another option - an essential oil blend.

Best of luck!


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