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Spondylaporaphy/ microdisectomy

Hi im claire 42 work 30 hrs a week had a mri scan on my back in 2010 to find out in 2015i had a protruding disk suffering many years with sciatica took me18 months of agony to get a microdisectomy (shave the disk of the sciatic nerve i now have been told i have degenerative disk disease and spongylapoarathy when i questioned my gp am i gonna end up in a wheelchair the replywas we only ever tell you the postives not negatives keep your posture straight wtf u read my records love was in callipers for 7 years with osteochindritis so. When i have 1 leg shorter than the other how is it possible btw tried shoe inserts doenst make a differece on my posture

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Just try to move on to a more qualified specialist who is up to date on what you have had done and what they are telling you because I was told I had hepatitis A and C. Which was possible because I had to take 4 .5 pints of blood in 1991 while they delivered my second child in the ER I had started bleeding and was doa they saved my life my baby lived only 2 days buy I know why he was taken, so I cold get free from the mental and physical cruelty that the babies father had been inflicting. If they can saw a piece of my spine and take it out then put bones donated by dead people in my back and keep me from losing my legs, 16 years ago, your just need to keep getting a referral to specialist until you find one that cares whether you walk again or not. Sounds nuts maybe but pray, I do I talk to him just like I am talking to you, I have a good relationship with God, I feel him answer me or I will suddenly understand why I cant accept that as the end. Whatever it is he speaks to my well enough about that. Hope you get some type of relief if you are in pain.


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