husband delemia

has anyone else had this my husband was diagnoised as being type 2 diabitic and put on tablets metaforin?then two months ago saw a doctor he doesnt really see to still complain with lose stools constantly her reply stop taking the tablets no check no come back and see me nothing,he is not encourage to check his sugar level,we have total changed our diet ,but have not got a clue how he is doing,hes not due to see his doctor for some time

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  • Hi Alfeno1,

    I was in the same position as your husband when I was first diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. I'm still also on Metformin (500mg twice a day). I only have my blood sugar checked once a year (which is when I have my health MOT done). My GP told me about the loose stools and said that it wouldn't do me any harm because I needed to lose a bit of weight! I hope that your husband's GP wasn't quite as forthright as mine was.

    I hope that you get to see your GP if you are worried.


  • I've has Diabetes T2, i have a large amount of met form in and also 5 injections on a daily basis, sometimes you do need to give the meds a chance to work, metformin is a basic drug for diabetes, at least it a good laxative.

  • Hello alfino1 I have had diabetes type 2 for a number of years now and I have been on metformin 500mg a day for about 6 months I was first put on 1500 mg per day but I didn't have any problems until about 5 months ago I then started having hypo,s my blood sugar went down to about 3.2 which caused me to have these hypo,s, my doctors couldn't understand how and why I was having these hypo,s they said that if one was on metformin then hypo,s didn't occur, well I proved them wrong because I had several of theses hypo,s even though I was on metformin, anyway it didn't interfere with my bowels but my sugar levels were all over the place, to cut a long story short I was given 500mg of metformin and things settled down and my sugars also settled, I think I must have had some sort of virus to make my sugar behave the way it did, I would advise you to ask to see your diabetes representative ( usually the practice nurse) and to keep an eye on things, you shouldn't be left alone for long periods of time like this as anything could happen, insist that you see someone if only for your own peace of mind

  • thanks i have managed to get a doctor to arrange a blood test which i hope will tell us if diet alone is working, its killing, me but sure it doing me good ,i treat myself to a small bar of chocolate on sat ,no i do not eat it in front of him

  • if your concerned about his blood sugars I would invest in in a decent diabetes kit,and get him to do regular check ups upon himself,this can give you a fairly accurate reading,thus can keep his health on the right side and hopefully you might not worry to much,and if the readings our not normal get him back down to the doctors,if he's borderline I suppose it's something only time will tell where this might end up,and obviously changing your diet seems to have worked wonders,so you'll probably end up being healthier and have many happy years ahead if you,good luck

  • Hi! I am also a type 2 diabetic! I live in the U.K. I'not sure where you are but I'm sure the basic care for diabetics is the same everywhere! There are diabetic nurses usually connected to most doctor surgerys. Ring your surgery and ask if you can make an appointment to see a diabetic nurse, If they don.t have one, ask them for a contact number, or an address for a website. Also if he doesn,t have a blood sugar monitor, he needs to get one (off a diabetic nurse) this should be free. I didn't get on well with metphormin either! They changed it for 'slow release' metformin, which still didn't agree with me. There is help out there! Good luck.

  • thanks for your reply he has a appointment 1st march

  • If you go online or start being a member of Diabetes UK, you will be able to get a meter to test blood sugar. If not ring for an appointment with the diabetic nurse at your medical practice. The meters are often free, but you may have to pay for the strips and lancets. Some practices don't provide these via prescription for non insulin users but you can always ask. I am insulin dependent so I have everything I need for my meter. Some practices put type 2 patients on Glicazide it might be worth mentioning, as these don't usually give any side effects but generally they give it with Metformin but you need to discuss this with the nurse.

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