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NEVRO HF10 not working now???

Hi all, new to forum and first post trying to find answers. I had the trial for the nevro hf10 back in September and it worked great for my lower back pain to the point I was just about off all pain meds when they took it out. Permanent placement did not happen till end of November and after about 7 day the only pain I had was surgical pain from the placement. Had my follow up visit about 14 days out and all was great. Within a week it was like it got turned off and was back to square one. Was dealing with the rep from the company and going through all the program and nothing worked. Went last week to the doctors office they ran some tests on the device and it checked out fine. X-Rayed to make sure wires are right and they are fine. The rep downloaded some new programs to try but so far not good. Anyone else have this happen? More important did you fine a program that worked?


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This does not surprise me. You relied on a procedure to switch off pain. It worked. However, switching off pain allowed you to continue damaging structures in the body. Result increased pain. Thus the procedure which was designed for pain at one level will not work when the pain has increased due to body mismanagement.

You need to investigate how do I use my body in a way which minimises damage to body structures. This is a physical learning exercise needing input from people who work with their hands. Think chiropractors, sports therapist, Alexander technique teachers. You need to do work to investigate how you muscles work.

You need to learn to listen to the more subtle aspects of your body's functioning. Think mindfulness and meditation and yoga and t'ai chi here.

Maybe not what you wanted to hear.


Thanks for sharing your story. I don't know your situation but welcome to forum. Maybe you could get information from a forum for those living with spinal injuries such as appaerrelysed?' not sure on spelling there. There might be more likelyhood of finding someone with shared experience with your stim? device for the specific information request you've put out there. Good luck.


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