Calf cramp that's not cramp!

I have ran for many years, but ever since a cycling accident in 2007 I have struggle with lower back issues. With many visits to a , I accept that the way forward was pain management through appropriate exercise. When I thought that was working I slowly introduced my running which was going well. Then when I introduced a bit of speed work, as I increased the intensity, I started feeling cramp deep in the middle of the right calf. The more I work it, the worse it gets taking up to two week to recover. During that time I can't run and struggle with leg exercise for a week. Doctor recons it comes from the back but no matter what I do exercise wise, it does not prevent this happening.

Anyone recognise this and recommend the correct path?

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  • I've not had this particular type of cramp, but it sounds like it's an old injury that needs a lot more more healing time.

  • What are you doing about your bad back?

  • Lots of different exercise which various physiotherapists have given, core exercise, strength and conditioning plus many months not running! It only happens while running when I start to increase the intensity

  • Hi oldecartehorse. First off there could be a thousand different things wrong. It could be a muscle injury or it could be that you are getting muscle spasms caused by sciatic nerve irritation. If you have lower back problems then this is highly likely, but as a runner and cyclist a muscle injury is just as likely.

    You left out who you have been to see about it. I would suggest a good physiotherapist would be a good place to start. I would be inclined to pay for a private session as an experienced sports physio is going to spot whether it's a muscle problem straight away and the wait for NHS physio is rediculously long!

    Good luck!

  • This is a difficult one. There is a book: "born to walk myofascial efficiency and the body in movement" by James Earls. sell copies for about £12. This will explain things better than I ever could. It will help you investigate the calf problem.

    Hope this helps.

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