Pain Concern

Squeezing chest pain and upper back pain all the time :(

Had umbilical hernia surgery June 2016 went well no more stomach pain ! On Fourth of July weekend 2 weeks after surgery had this squeezing chest pain since!!!! Was it general anesthesia? All the meds they gave me?? its now February 2017 I have NO answers what it is and Nothing makes it ever go away or better sometimes it's a 10 or a 2 in pain but always there ! I'm 39 good shape thin I lost 13 pounds from this ordeal I've seen two gastro drs that tell me acid reflux pills. Which don't help tried them (almost all ) Got a hida scan ,chest X-ray,blood drawn , ultrasound , Ct scan , scope down throat , Barrium swallow , all normal even seen chiropractor for more natural effect! Not sure what else to do or where to go ..... feeling frustrated I tried not eating ,different diets like liquid diets or no carbs been checked for gluten even


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