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Spinal chord stimulator

After a terrible summer of pain and a long awaited appointment I finally arrived at my local pain clinic yesterday.

I really do get the feeling they never want to see me especially as even after all their interventions I still can't control my pain.

Anyway the consultant goes through a long list of procedures, pills and lotions they've tried. The last intervention was the trial spinal stimulator, 10 years ago.

I told the consultant that as I tried to be quite active I didn't think the stimulator was for me as they have a history of moving once attached but I was thinking of having one when im more sedentary.

The consultant mentioned that there was a trial in London installing shorter stimulators that were less likely to move plus the control units were a lot smaller, ideal for localised pain.

Not only were they smaller but also costing hundreds rather than the £20,000 + for the longer stimulators.

So if anybody is thinking of getting a stimulator fitted.... there may be a another option.....

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