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gabapentin and amitriptyline

Hi,Guys i have been on gabapentin now for the past few yrs due to spinal cord damage after 2 operations in 2013 and 2014, Dosage wise i take 12 of the 300mg over the course of the day, 900mg 3 capsules 4 times a day with my other meds,i have had no problems on them at all,a little bloated now and again not sure why ? you guys any ideas on that.Used to get really bad headaches and my whole body on an evening seems to pain me so i was prescribed amitriptyline,WHOA did i find them weird so your not on your own folks,went back to the docs tried various other meds from stuff under me tongue to sleepers but the pain stayed,Back to the quacks back on amitriptyline, stuck with it not much choice due to my headaches and after a few nights of getting the hang of them i found myself feeling less pain and my thinking dropped back into line,i now take 200mg a night and their a god send,keep strong peeps message if you fancy a chat x

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Hi. I was on Ami years ago. Put back on them by rheumy for pins and needles in back (the pins and needles are in my v. painful arthritic feet!). My prob is that they are like an alarm clock and I wake up 2-3 hours after going to sleep and cannot get off again. This in conjunction with waking up with pain throughout night as well. I'm only on 10 mgs. Is this usual? So fed up thinking of stopping them as they don't seem to be of any earthly use.


Gabapentin can be bad for weight gain for some people. I have been on full dose for a couple of years now. I was on Amitryptiline before that and I thought they were much better than Gabas. Had to switch as I am male over 50 and on citalopram, which can cause heart problems longterm when taken together. I'd like to get back on to Amitryptiline but I need to get off the citalopram first. Baby steps!

Hope you continue to get relief with Amitryps and I guess the lesson is "work with your medical team" sometimes they actually do know best! lol


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