Very bad sciatica

Hi can anyone help I am very bad sciatica at moment trying not to cry

I also had nerve spasms in the other leg but this is slowly wearing of with drugs given

I have been given tramadol which was stopped then oxydrone which they increased also now given another oxydrone that works different from the other one one is a slow release the other a fast release also parecetamols but still getting this awful sciatica oh forgot diazepam and gabapentin

Can anyone tell me what I can do about this sciatica thanks for any help that can be given

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  • I used to know someone who had Physio treatment for sciatica. Perhaps try that first, then consider Acupuncture. I have Sciatica from time to time and I find the traditional Chinese Acupuncture very helpful in treating it.

  • could you try some yoga stretches? nothing strenuous. just google yoga stretches for sciatic and they will come up on utube. just sitting on the floor with your bare feet together just like your hands would be if you were praying. full your feet in towards you that does help as it stretches the tight muscles. all the best love grace oxoxo

  • Hi Hun so sorry to hear about your suffering I too had bad sciatica in October-November. It was so bad at one point I could barely walk and would have quite happily chopped my right leg off it was so painful. My doctor prescribed me amitriptyline which really helped after about 5 days, I'm still on it now for another month and get physio every 3 weeks. My physio has only given me basic stretching exercises she said they aim to make more space for the nerves. I hope you feel better soon, if you have no joy with your current meds ask your doc for amitriptyline, I don't think I'd have coped well without this xx

  • Thanks for reply I have had that pill with no

    Luck due to kidney transplant in 1991 they have to go careful with what pills they give me as they say I am not normal was wondering if light ecersize would be any good but even that have to be careful due to knee and acetabular on other leg doesn't help

    Thanks for trying

  • Hi Rusty8

    Sorry to hear you have so much pain, I have had sciatica for over 23 years, having had all the medical regimes you talk about including spinal steroid injections with not a lasting relief, until I was so bad I went to my local Chiropractor and have gained the best relief ever. Hope you soon find some relief, Regards Billyt47 Best Wishes

  • Thank you very much please read above I do appreciate all answers something might pop up

  • Acupuncture used to work really well for my sciatica. And a heating pad relieved some pain.

  • This is something not tried will look into it when I go up kidney unity thank you very much

  • Hi, I had very similar symtons to you. Have always had issues with my lower back. Was told to wear an insole because of a leg size discrepancy etc. Started getting sciatic pains which became unbearable. Physio, acupuncture massage did nothing if anything just made it worse. Then I was recommended a bio mechanic. Tried it as I was desperate. Not only did he fix my problem, I now have no need for the insole and my hip mobility is better than ever. It wasn't instant, and you have to be disciplined with the corrective treatment, but I've used many different compentant spec list's none of which could help. Try bio mech as a food one will help you.

  • Hi sorry to hear of this have you had an MRI yet to investigate possible causes? If this is a long term thing do you have a refferal to a pain clinic. Natural anti inflammatories like Krill oil, bromelain seem to help me. I have found physio very helpful with my spinal issues to help me plan my physical activities and pace myself which is more OCcupational Therapist stuff I guess but my physio also diagnosed my spinal condition. Do be careful with manipulations as physio's can vary.

    I use a lumbar support pillow for driving, wear a back support belt (only at times on advice physio, not always) and use tens machine and heat pad especially at night. These are all things that help. Nerve pain is really hard to manage and is pretty maddening as it can be near constant. Mindfulness physc techniques have helped me somewhat but I am yet to afford more. I have found baclofen a suitable non drowsy muscle relaxant for bad leg spasms but it is pretty hard on the stomach so dont always use that one. Best of luck finding your way to live with it if it's an ongoing thing.

  • Hi there. I have tried all the above unfortunately due to it being nerve pain there is very little . The other drugs will remove associated pain .but they make brain function very difficult so it is very difficult to cope. They affect rational thinking etc. If these drugs are not working on the pain you could try either lots of heat by hot water bottle hot as you can stand bathing. Or go the extreme cold route ice packs etc.

    I do know sciatica will flair up then calm down. You need to tell yourself this if you think this will continue, it probably will. It's so difficult to do. Possibly some sort of distraction may help. Anything that will stop you thinking about it.

    Again this is a rearly difficult thing to here and to achieve. Bit I can assure you if you master it you will see benefits.

    Really hope this helps

    Feel better soon


  • I am so sorry to hear/read about your sciatica. I too have had it, it was so bad when I tried to move I was in so much pain I felt I couldn't go on. I've been on all those tablets too. In the end I attended the pain specialist and had an epidural with steroids in my back. That worked for me. I am waiting for another one soon. Take care and thank you for sharing

  • P.s. The pain specialist explained that my bulging disc releases a secretion that causes the whole area to become inflamed.

  • I also have sciatica and on 4 gabpenten a day and three hydrocodone and several procedures n my lower back that has not worked. I also have had surgery oh the 5th an 4th vertebrae that worked for a while. I HAD A HERNIATED DISK and looking for a solution. if you find or get some help let me know

  • Try exercises. I get sciatica also and I find that doing lunges helps tremendously. Lunge forward (holding onto something with both hands, of course '-I use parallel kitchen counters) ,put the good foot forward with the knee bent, and the leg with sciatic pain back as far as you can without bending the knee until you feel lots of stretch in the painful leg. Try to hold for at least 30 seconds, then switch legs. The more you can stretch the legs with the lunges the better it'll feel. A heating pad or muscle telaxers.might also help. As always check with your health care provider. The lunges also work better if done in a warm pool

  • Sciatica sucks - had 4 successful back surgeries that eliminated the pain in from below my knee by 5 inches into my hip and back. All herniated discs the impinged my sciatic nerve in my lumbar region. Never cured the low back pain though. SCS does that. Ice helped at that time. Along with hardcore opioids.

  • What is SCS?

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator

  • Acupuncture great helped me a lot and physio better than tablets I felt any day I ended up in hospital with problems with my stomach because of taking tablets for sciatica hopefully this can be useful information for u

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