Still no diagnosis feel like the world is ill aware of the pain l am coping with. Well coping feels like lm on a knifes edge at the moment.who knew that being so exhausted could be so depressing.. My fingers are swollen and don't move very well. I struggle to get out of bed due to the pain in my swollen ankles, knees, elbows and fingers. Excruciating pain in my lower back and can only be described as walking on glass. The thought of leaving the house for Xmas shopping fills me with dread and l have been known since this illness started to have a number of panic attacks. Not sure how much more of this l can take its as if lm so Alone and no one understands.

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  • Hi

    I can completely understand how u r feeling xxxx

    Have u got any family/friends u can ask yo help u ?

    Take care xxxxx

    Christine CRPS uk

  • Anne

    We are with you and yes we do understand.



  • if your on your own and have no one to help you then you can phone the social services emergency dept. its so sad to hear of your pain. i hope you have pain killers or something to help reduce this pain and also food and someone to help you. its true we do feel so alone and no one understands except the people who are suffering and in pain in one way or another. so this is the right place to come to Anne .love grace xoxo💐

  • I shouldn't feel this way l am not alone have a wonderful family who try to understand they do try so hard but l feel so alone most of the time even though on in a crowd does that make sense xx

  • Thank you for reaching out that means alot to me Grace and how are you x

  • i do understand the guilt some of us feel when we have a wonderful family who do try so hard. the thing is Ann i feel we are on our own with our feelings and pain. especially when you have no diagnosis. this can make things a lot worse as the mind will go everywhere looking for answers, causing much anxiety along the way. its certainly no fun being in pain and not knowing what is causing it, its the way it makes us feel. depressed anxious and unable to do the tasks we could do before we were ill. its such a lot to come to terms with. we are not responsible for our feelings Ann only what we do with them. and sometimes we can loose our temper and feel guitly and all that adds to the must be hard having a family as im on my own most of the time and my boyfriend visits me but if im really not feeling well i say dont come along as i know i will probably take it out on him and then feel guilty. if you have a family then there is no escape must be hard putting on a brave face. its good that you have come on the forum as you will get plenty support here from people who understand how your feeling and feel the same way and are in the same boat. im just recovering from a 5 hour operation. it was 6 months ago but living on my own it has really been traumatic for me as i'v been taken away in the ambulance and kept in a couple of times when i went to A and E . its only now this last week that i'v been alble to sleep in my bedromm in my bed. as i just could not do that. i was sleeping on the settee or the single bed in the spare room. i wasnt even getting into bed i was laying on top of the duvet cover with a blanket on me. i feel i'v had terrible sleeps to as i hate the mattress on the bed i was in its to firm. im suffer from depression to and i dont take any medication for that as i'v been down that route and dont want to go down it again. so i just manage it. im up and down all the time. but at least when im up its good. so i just think about that when im down.i still suffer some pain and discomfort it was my gallbladder. i had/have mirizzis syndrom and had a stone calcified in my bile duct so i had to have the whole thing caused 1/4 of my liver to atrophy. Ann i must make a move and get some shopping done as i'v been sitting on my bum all day. i do hope that having this little chat had been some help to you and letting you know that we all understand. i will be watching out for you on the forum as it will help to have people to talk to and get you some reilef and then you will be able to cope much better. all my love. grace xoxoxo 🤗

  • To all who took the time to reply to me it meant so much have a wonderful Christmas and l hope 2017 brings health and happiness to all xx

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