I am a 20 year old woman and have spent the last 2 months in A&E constantly! 2 months ago I was a healthy active person and then after having a virus I woke up one day with extreme chest pain and that's been my life since! My doctor has diagonsed me with costochondritis! My life has been pill after pill daily and the pain is unimaginable! Any tips on how to try and reduce the inflammation effectively! Any feedback appreciated!


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  • You need to get the tightness of the rib muscles checked. Muscles over tight can cause pain in all sorts of places. Tightness and reduction of muscle tightness is not something the medical profession is not good at because the reduction techniques require hand manipulation.

    You need to network in your local area to find out who has the best hand skill and go for a treatment from them. This hopefully will make difference to your condition.

    Note: viruses can alter how the body controls muscles in some cases. This may have happened in your case.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi

    You have my sympathy. I have had many bouts of costo over the years so I know how horribally painful it can be. It is an inflammation of the rib cage muscles so any upper body movement will be painful. I find rest, wheat bags and voltarol gel over tehe area or ibroprufen helps if you don't have asthma. I don't know what you have been given by your doc meds wise but cocadmol is a good starting point but always check with your GP what meds are right for you. Also when you are flare up with this condition keep your arms close to your sides and avoid any upper body stretching as your are pulling your already inflammed muscles. I'm afraid there is no cure but it is not harmful although the pain can be severe. I would also recommend switching to soft non underwire bra as the wires can push on and around your rib cage.

    Hope this helps.

  • I am told this inflamation can be very painful, i hope it gets sorted for you soon.

  • I had this last year, I ended up in A & E as I thought it was a heart attack. They didn't diagnose, but my GP did when I went a few days later. Was so painful. I have RA anyway so on a lot of meds. It took about 6 weeks to go, getting better each week. Had it not my GP was going to give me a steroid inj. I used to sleep supported by lots of pillows. Was worse if I laid down. It's inflammation of the connective tissue In the breastbone. So ask your Gp if he will do this for you. Wishing you relief soon.

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