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Doctors don't care anymore, medical records are NO where close to accurate

After 2 years of trying to get a diagnosis for a problem affecting my entire body, I've had a glimpse of my records from dozens of ( all about the money) Doctors

I NO longer trust them.I will NO LONGER give them any power, but will sue the he'll out of many of them. As a group they are disgusting, selfish, and actually apparently DEAF. They gossip and you're already on their S..list before you even see them if God forrbid are conservative or smoke. Besides the vibes I get, my daughter works with hundreds of them.She confirmed my suspicions enthusiastically. I've never been one to EVER judge harshly, but time changes things.I sit here in worse condition and NO CLUE as to what's wrong as I reflect on 25 months of their SNOOTY BS.

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I can feel your anger from where I am sitting. It is real and you need to control and direct it.

I too have emotional anger issues, the trigger may be different the outcomes will be similar. If allowed free rein it will destroy you and do great damage to those that you care for, but not those who you feel are at fault.

If this sounds alarmist, that is the intention. My intervention is designed to put the brakes on for you, my intention is to help, to ask you to reflect on what you are doing to yourself.

I might be talking in riddles but I feel you will know what I'm getting at.

I provide no solutions, but ask that you consider all options.



Wise advice, luckyjim

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Jim, thank you for taking the time to construct your lengthy reply.

Yes.I know where you're coming from.

I had a 1-2 punch that triggered my rant. I've been the model of patience for years.

Though I know all doctors aren't as I described, 25 months plus dozens of doctors in multiple specialties, at 3 major hospitals, opened my eyes to the sad reality that adherence to the Hippocratic is the exception, not the rule.

Having run out ofaffordable options, I'm returning 12/6 to my 1st specialist.

My outburst actually was a healthy release to me; done in a few minutes, yelling at no one.

I failed to mention that my wife attended every visit

She was a Nurse for 32 years. My disgust was/is easily usurped by hers.

She's been disabled 13 years. I've witnessed her get some excellent treatment, but much condescension peppered with pure bs.

We've both had conversion disorder sold to us with the b.s. meter redlining.

Prestigous Duke University was particularly insulting to our underestimated intelligence.

It feels great to take the power back,while continuing our search for diagnosis with an open mind. I needed that cathartic moment.

Again, thanks for your viewpoint & genuine concern

You are 100% correct. I agree with your basics and will stay alert to being fair to the proffession while allowing myself respect



Such a shame that we are unable to recount our experiences with so little praise for those tasked with our wellbeing.

Best Wishes



Hi littlefloyd,

I agree with you for doctors don't care about patient pain. when you have a bad pain for a long time can't walk, call them it seems to me some of the doctors make you feel like you call them to see you, you waist theirs time.

Hope you can find a doctor who can listen to you. what country do you live?

Good luck!



What country are you in Kiwitaramerlin?

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I am in UK!



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What country are you in littlefloyd?






They deffanatley don't seem to work by their own rules.

I had a road traffic accident a few years ago and it led to the other insurance party wanting to check my medical records.

Not from a month or year ot two before the accident but since I was born....??

My solicitor said it was sometimes the normal.... ever since the other party found out I had back pain issues, they were obviously clutching at straws trying to blame the accident on me.... anyway as they requested all my medical records I thought I'd also like to look at them as well.

On searching through them, I realised that most of my notes for at least ten years back had been documented by the Doctors secretary at my original appointment telephone call. ... The only notes I had were the initial chat with the doctors receptionists... say ' I'm ringing to make an appointment because of my recent blood results' ....

But as as I have a few conditions, I'd regularly also mention to the Doctor regarding another issue say like how I'm feeling regarding some new medication, say ir weather I could change doses etc .....

Well any secondary issues were NEVER mentioned on my notes. The notes were purely what the receptionist had noted.... nothing from the Doctors whatsoever.

So although I had dicussed my on going pain and problems like sitting comfortably etc..thus leading to changed prescritions only weeks before the accident..... it luckily wasn't documented.

But on a more serious note any issues or other problems I'd have to see the doctor for was simply not documented.

Another thing I'd noted was my prescriptions list...

It had paracetamol etc... but no mention of any strong painkillers or other associated medications.

I queried this with my doctors receptionist as she said it was because the 'government don't like us giving out too many painkillers. so minor prescriptions were kept on the 'front screen' as she described it and more regulated drugs were kept on a 'second screen'. ....... !!!!

She explained that if there audited it wouldn't look like they were giving out too many strong painkillers.

God knows how all this information is tied together if you were to be admitted to hispital.


On the records, I went to see specialist with reflux problem which I have had since 1974 after a surgical proceedure , not too sure what it was for, I was told at the time that it was a hiatus hernia but was told later that this was not the problem, no hernia.

However back here in later times 2017 went to the hosp for specialist and when they opened the folder it contained one sheet of paper from current doctor and nothing else.

They asked me when I was last at the hospital, when I told them 1974, the specialist asked me what procedure had had, as if I carried that around in my head, as it was I had no idea what it was, they contacted doctor who also had no records about the op, only that I had had one.

Apparently the hospital destroyed any records past a number, no idea how many, years.

Can't treat something caused by an unknown procedure, keep taking the Gaviscon.


It's very frustrating can you focus your anger into something creative and let it out that's what I do .


When I had been in hospital once I saw on the copy of the notes they had given me that I had had a spinal fracture, which should have read a SPIRAL fracture ( of my tibia !

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I am sorry to hear about your anger. I am totally agree with you for this point.


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