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Codeine addiction

I was given zapain(30mg + 500mg parectmol) 3 yrs ago by a locum gp for my back pain after an accident,I had a dbl discoptomy in 2001,but lived life best I could till Jan 2014 the accident!.now my spinal surgeon says he can't treat me anymore (had 4neve blocks/bursa in groin+hips steroid inj) till I deteriorate much worse-10/15yr he's given me,now iam 45, so he sent bak 2 gp,iam addicted to codeine,I got a bo****king from gp for over ordering, 4 a day does nothing,my spine surgeon said he was worried about parectmo& codiene togetherl so gp is only going to restrict it &split the 2 + told me to take them 2 hrs apart. he also increased the gabapentin to 2×300mg 3×a day for nerve pain ..I feel as if iam in trouble but iam awake 16-18 hrs a day & the pills are designed to only last for 12..do Dr's really listen, .

Is anyone else addicted to codeine ?

Or on a 1800mg of gabapentin.

I also have 50mg amitriptline at night!+

Lv to chat to ppl if ur the same as me.- buggered up!!

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You are the person who is effected by all these drugs and the amounts you are taking.

Health professionals prescribe them in order to make your life bearable, feedback is an important part of this process. Nothing wrong with the odd telling off either.

Over prescribing is not your fault, nor is addiction to a particular prescribed med, with the proviso you are not abusing.

I am not a qualified health professional, all I and others can do is relate ouir experiences. If you feel your meds are not working or even harming you, you must tell your GP, if they don't like what you are telling them, that is their problem.

You play a vital role in improving your wellbeing, you should not be made to feel guilty for trying to do so.

A good relationship between you and your helpers is so important, once again, this is a joint resposibility issue.

There are meds out there which will help, between you they are findable and in the right doses they will help.

Over to you.

Good Luck and Best Wishes


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Thanks Jim.

If u knew me u would know I am one of these thar will only go to the Dr if u get called in, I hate wasting his time altho I get told off bec I shouldn't this like this I feel iam wasting his time.it was only from my recent pain clinic course I realise many ppl go to the gp wiv the simplistic problems wasting his 7min..I dint want to be classed as one if those!.

But yes I know ur right I just thought when they give u pills that's it-u get on with life,but iam now facing a withdrawal battle afraid of the symptoms ahead.

thank Jim. x


Have you been seen by a Pain clinic, the drugs you are taking will burn and unsettle your tummy. Your GP has also given you a selected AD and this will reduce your nuro pain.

I take Tramadol and Amatryptalene and Celebrex, Cox Two NSID. The Tramadol is an synthetic Opiate and it is more beneficial covering pain.

As to see a Pain Clinic


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Hi border rover

Yes I've had 5 1;1 @pain clinic & a 7wk course with a pain clinic & a Dr of psychologist. .iam back again nxt mon at pain clinic, so yes but I do feel that don't tell me anything I don't know.I've learnt to change things lots over the 3 yr been home.it's the pain I hate.x

I've tried tramadol it gave me such a bad headache,.

I've now got 600mg gabapentin 3x a day ..& 1500mg methocarbomol 4×a day & the 30/500mg zapain..Dr said I can have ibrufen too.

No point in having a patch as I have no feeling in the spine area.& capsicum cream is ok for me but when someone else touched me their on fire!.x

What's AD?

thank u .x


I've had 8 ×1:1 pain clinic apps & just finished a 7wk pain clinic group course..

can't take tramadol gives me migraines!


Talk to your GP and He may be able to help here Your Pain Clinic has alternatives that should be beneficial and prevent your complaint.


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Yes done upto 5 1:1 & have 2 more booked & 7weeks clinic with other members got 1 we left to go ..pain clinic is ok ..a lot of mindfulNess brilliant as iam a spiritualist.x

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Hi ,,I'm sheila same age as you 45!!, I've been on 2000ml of gabapentin but they were not working so well I have changed my meds to pregablin lyrica and diazepam,I tried amitriptylene but didn't like it!! I've had 3 ops on my spine in 2010 now been waiting for another m,r,I as pain is back with a vengeance!!!!! Sick of not being able to get out ,,, if you ever want to chat ????? I'm herex


Thanks hun..

Me too.

I run a spiritual page keeps me happy with like minded ppl.ppl.x

Look me up, soul seekers (free tarot & oracle readings , healing & spirituality )

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i was addicted to Dihydrocodeine for sixteen years and I have been clean off them for a year now ... It was a living hell coming off them but I did it .. Funny thing was is that I did not realise I was addicted to them .. I feel better not taking them. The world is so much clearer now and the colours are vivid. I am here if you wish to chat

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Hi satsuma

lv thw name.

I need painrelief , my pain levels are a good 10 daily but I can't have anot her operation..so need something.it's the codeine mixed with paracetmol they want out of me.so seperating the two.x


Just wrote a long message and lost it aaaaasaahhhhhrrrrgggghhhh !!!!! I will defo look you up hun xx


I could say I may be too dependant on codeine. I'm meant to take 1-2 4 times per day, however they've stopped having an affect on me and I'm now taking 4-6 when I get up, then again midday and again at night. I also take 2 amitripyiline at night. (my codeine aren't mixed with paracetamol), occasionally I might even buy codeine and paracetamol from the chemist to top up the dose, when the pain is really bad. I also take 3 tramadol with the codiene if i have any. I can't take NSAIDS as I get severe stomach problems and I blow up like a balloon. I don't want to take so many but I care for my disabled husband so I need to stay as mobile as I can, which is so hard with chronic pain. I was originally given the amitriptiline to take through the day but they knock me out so they're no good for me, as I need to be up an active for my hubby. Some people think i take codeine for the buzz, but they couldn't be more wrong, as when taken regularly like I do, I no longer get the buzz from them, and haven't done for years. I would love to find a pain killer that works but doesn't have the side effects that some have. However I know I must be addicted to the codeine as when I get my prescription, (like I did yesterday), I feel like a kid in a sweetshop! I actually feel excited! I've also been told off in the past for over taking them and for topping up with tramadol, but I don't see any other option with my lifestyle and responsibilities.

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