Views on osteopathy?

My back went at work yesterday... Laying on the floor crying with pain. Called 111 and they suggested going back to my doctor. She offered to up the dose on my pain relief but that's all she could offer me. She also suggested the week off work but if I do that I'll just stay at home in bed and probably make my back worse/stiff.

So last night I booked in with an osteopath for Monday. Right now I just want to try anything as the pain relief helps to an extent at night but other than that it doesn't really do much. If my back goes at work, the pain relief does F all.

I'm going back in today and will discuss with my manager different job roles that I can manage without risking my back. (I don't get paid sick leave).

So what are people's views and experiences with an osteopath?

ETA: By 'back went' I mean there was a pop followed by intense pain and inability to move. Doctor wasn't too concerned when I saw her.

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  • Depends on what " back out" is exactly.

    If it's disc impingement issues , then it should relieve that- but may take a few visits and time and REST.


  • We don't actually know exactly what it is. The doctor believes it was a muscle popping/tearing.

  • Do they not do scans , where you live?😯

  • The Dr can't refer me for scans. They have to refer me to Physio then if Physio feel a scan is needed they'll refer me on. It's a very long process which is why I was hoping an Osteopath may be able to provide some relief or even possibly refer me for private xrays/scans.

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  • Hi I have suffered back pain for 44 years since I fell on the base of my spine. In my experience doctors do nothing and just offer pain killers and send you to physio to learn some exercises.

    I have used osteopaths over the years and have found them generally good. They are expensive though and you might need a number of treatments. I have also used a chiropractor but wasn't impressed.

    The worst thing you can do it stay in bed with it. What you need to do is have gentle exercise every hour or so otherwise your back will stiffen up. If you have to bend or lift anything (best avoided) make sure you bend from the knees down and let them take the strain. Do not bend over!

    I hope this helps and your back is a lot better soon. x

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion & experience.

    The osteopath I have booked in with is reasonable price and basically the same cost as a chiropractor. (I'm reluctant to use them as force to the spine doesn't sound very inviting).

    I'm currently at work and they have arranged a change in job role for me. Mainly in my feet but I can break whenever I need to. They've put someone with me if I need to do any lifting etc.

    I've had similar experience with my GP. Just a physio referral which I'm still waiting for and pain relief. She said the Physio can refer me for scans if they feel it's needed.

  • Hi,im afraid your misinformed 're chiropractic, you font rbpven know its happening,its an oteopath who uses the firm manipulation,chiropractors treat misalignment of the spine cause slipped discs ,no hi men has the strength to move someone's spine,but,if its a muscle strain,which is the most common injury it will resolve itself ,ice and you say you do lifting,even with someine,if your back 'goes 'at worrk on a regular basis theres an issue with what your doing,a serious one

  • Then everything I've researched is wrong and people who I've spoken to who have used both a chiropractor and osteopath are wrong in their experiences?

    Chiropractors use direct force on the spine to cause a "realignment" where as Osteopaths have a more gentler approach. (This coming from someone who has experienced both - a close friend). Chiropractor I've spoke to also say that have special designed beds with iron plates which help induce more pressure.

    My back has only gone once at work - before that I've had sciatica for over a year following a car accident. My doctor just gives me meds and tells me that's all they can do.

  • Ostios I have had have been very helpful...doing massage I couldn't do...and not trying to get me to do stuff I couldn't do too soon!!! Which physios tend to do!!

    There has only been one manipulation, and area us warmed up first. It has always been helpful!!

  • Osteopathy has helped me immensely with lower back, hip and sciatic pain. Stay far away from chiropractics for this type of problem.

  • Thank you for sharing. I'm glad I canceled the Chiropractor now. Osteopath seems to be preferred by most - I've been asking on Facebook etc as well.

  • I've had amazing support and help from my osteopath for years, especially in time of crisis. I've found 2 brilliant ones in my life over a 30 year period, one good, and the others OK. So try different ones. They will DEFT help. At first will seem like magic. You may be a bit sore the next day. There are lots of great Osteo blogs. They can treat every part of the muscular skeleton system. Good Luck!!

  • Thank you for the info & opinion.

    I've been a bit better today as able to walk around but still not how a 24yr old should be.

    OH is waiting for me to try it before he goes but not sure how much they can do for someone with a broken spine ;)

  • Hi, can I suggest Lots of great stuff here from different sources, to read and consider. Believe me, once you can stand and walk and can actually visit an osteopath they will help greatly and at first you won't really understand how, although I always feel a sort of pulse in my back when things are becoming more aligned. I really do understand back pain. I've been sent home in a taxi by the hospital in agony and I've sat up all night on a few occasions because it was too painful to move. I expect many who read these posts have felt the same. It will get better. Good luck!

  • So Osteopath thinks I've always had a slightly off back but have been able to compensate. Car accident has knocked it and no longer compensating as I did. Given exercises to help losen the trouble areas. She doesn't think it's sciatica but instead is more a hamstring thing.

  • Ambos can give other pain relief, and when in emergency/A & E...they can too.. If ambos try to talk you out of going in...then tell them..." if I don't go I'll just be where I am...and that is no help to me!! I need to go for relief!!

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