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Over 20yrs of pain

Im new here and desperate for support I have suffered for over 20yrs of chronic pain it started in my neck then my groin, from a motorcycle accident, the thing that saved me from being ripped apart was hypermobility syndrome but that now is causing me pain too. Then 15yrs later i had a horse riding accident that was misdiagnosed as just getting old. It turned out i had a herniated disc at l4/5 which was irritating the nerve roots in that area. I also had arthritis and disc degeneration. I now have disc degeneration in 6 of my lumbar discs and osteoarthritis in my hips pelvis lower spine and neck. The painkillers i take barely mask the pain im in and i have to take sleeping pills to get any sleep at all. I have to sleep on my sofa, because if i sleep in my bed i can wake up paralyzed from the waist down. Im so close to just wanting to end it all due to the pain and not being taken seriously. I have no family or what you would call real friends that can support me and im already in over my head with care costs its just giving me more reason to go than stay. How can i get the doctors to take my condition more seriously ? they will not even look into the possibility that i may have elios danlos syndrome which could be complicating everything

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I believe I know how you feel although we all have different problems I have been in constant pain from 1997 , pain previous to that but that was due to car oaccident when I was 15 now 70

Lol the pain now in spine yes is due to arthritis of spine but the big problems are from a operation of spine where a fragment was left behind at a operation and had to have another op but left me with nerve damage one of those things l was told

And now because I'm also a transplant patient there doesn't seem to be much pain killer they can use so I feel for you but life has to go on I say that every morning I wake up get on with it girl 😂😂😂

You take care and I hope they find something for you

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Firstly I'm so sorry you're suffering so much. Where do you live? It doesn't sound like you have access to NHS care GPs so I'm presuming you're in America/Canada? I think you need to fund a different doctor, one who will listen to you properly. The paralysis sounds very worrying and perhaps a visit to A&E (ER) is in order. Do you have any health insurance to cover any costs? There are plenty sup port groups here and elsewhere online so please don't think you ever need to be alone. We're all soldiers of pain in here and someone on this forum will be near you. We just need to find them. Stay with us darling. God bless xx

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Life is precious, treasure it.

Your knowledge helps others, doctors not helping you is a disgrace.

You do have family/ friends, your communication on this site is proof of this.

Stick with it.



Hi Tigger68

You have a support network now my friend! We've all got different, maybe exact, maybe similar, types of pain and its manifestations but we do share one exact thing and that's the need to 'mix' or communicate with people in the same situation.

Keep asking questions or just if you need to have a good old moan; there'll be someone around to listen and offer some support & advice. We don't have any magic powers to make it all go away but we do have a wealth of experience to be able to engage with you! 😊

Do try to keep positive.......



Hi Tiger

Please post back if you have ever had A Spinal Injection, particularly Epidural Steroid Injections? And if so, do you recall the medication name that was used in the Epidural? It may help to know, as we may have the same thing that Dr.s don't want to diagnose.


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