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Goin bonkers

I have a pinched nerve in the neck and shoulder . my arm is in alot of pain.. I have alot of knots on my arm . don't know if it's the nerves or the muscles or all up above..the elbow is extremely sensitive to touch the whole arm is so sensitive even when the wind would hit it , it hurt so bad..I run my fingers down my arm and it is even my veins are in like little beads..waiting to get a cortisone shot but that's not till Nov . 30. I can't deal with this pain.

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Try and use an NSID Cream to get you through to your injection.

Generally it can be difficult on here to work out how your pains are being transmitted down the arm from neck and shoulder. You could also try a hot compress on and around your neck and shoulder that may help increase the circulation down into your arm.

Whatever you do you need a treatment plan on top of your injection and cream.

On my neck. shoulders and legs I use a TENS Machine, they can be applied to form a nerve block when you discover where most of the pains are coming from, that can give short or mid term relief. If you see a Rhumi He will be able to show you how to use this type of machine. BODY CLOCK sell a good selection of various machines that will help. If you are Disabled you may be able to get the VAT back



Laura 73

Get a 2nd medical opinion.

Best of luck.



What medication are you currently taking for pain relief? And how did they come to the conclusion of your diagnosis? ultra sound, mri? I have trapped nerves and I currently have butrans patches that work a treat x

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