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Life in Pain

I am writing this in the hope someone may be able to help. I had an accident back in 1986. I had to sue for negligence. My case was ended when an offer was agreed. However since then, I have lost my leg above the knee as a direct result of the accident. I have much more of a disability and need to use a wheelchair etc. I cannot afford to get a good wheelchair of prosthetic leg. Can I go back to the place I sued and try and get more compensation due to my greater needs now. I hope this makes sense. I just want to be able to get equipment that will enable me to have a better life.

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Hello Keith1196

Sorry to hear your story. Not a lawyer but have had very similar experience.

My answer to you is no you can't claim any more.

A good lawyer, and or consultant, at the time should have been able to tell how the injuries would pan out over future years. As such that should have accounted for the amount of compensation you were offered. ( That was the case for us although no one can be 100% certain as to how you will be.)

You can have a very good quality of life from a wheelchair - it just depends on what you regard as quality. Yes it will be totally different from what you have been used to and that is where you adapt to ypur new situation.

It happens to all of us who become disabled in adulthood. Put the past exactly where it belongs...past. Look to what you can do and never look back. That can be painful. but it has gone.



Hi Keith

Same as above (Paton )

I think Paton is quite right

I had a accident 6 years ago going to the trials next year

I've had operations / pins / screw /. Amputated

It has caused complex regional pain syndrome ( CRPS )

Nerve damaged

I believe that some cases can be left open

If the specialist feels that it could spread/worse

But I believe that if that is the case u don't get the full payout

They keep some back for so many years

I think it called a open case but it have to be decider beforehand

I am not sure what I am going to do because of the risk of the crps spreading leading to amputated of a limb ????????

I hope this make sense

Christine crps uk

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Hold on there my man. I have a good feeling that God will help you and you will have a great life. πŸ˜‡


I want to thank everyone who has replied. Paton. I believe you are right, I did think this was the case. I appreciate you all putting in the time to write back. I think the answer as mentioned is just to get on with life, don't look back. Deal with the here and now. Its funny I was always told, I would get over the physical side, it will be the mental side that will be the biggest challenge, and this is what is happening. I feel so down and lost.

regards Keith

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A lot of people find that having somebody to talk through the actual incident and your feelings that you are left with is the best way to begin coming to terms with the mental side of things.


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