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lower back pain

4 months before i was doing my squat exercise and my form went wrong due to which the i had pain in my lower back. After some 2-3 months the pain decreased but there is still slight pain in the left side.

But now when i sit down on the floor with my legs crossed or legs outstretched my buttocks and my left leg goes numb when i get up and its there for some time to come to normal. Also i have tingling in my feet most of the times while lying on the bed.

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Pain in the lower back and buttock pain 'can' be down to low or deficient vitamin D3.

Not sure if your pains will be connected to vitamin D samp123.

Tingling/pins and needles is a listed symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency.


Please don't leave it unseen by doc !! Any numbness esp around the saddle area should be treated as an emergency!!! You don't want cauda equina syndrome cxx much love gentle hugs ,she x


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