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slipped upper femoral Epiphysis

i was diagnosed with the above when i was 15, when i first knew i had it i was in so much pain and could hardly walk i was put on crutches and eventually my pain got better. i had my son when i was 23 and the pressure of the baby on my hips during pregnancy made it worse again and i was in agony i was referred to the orthopedic and was told id need an operation, however this was not possible with a newborn and no family or friends to support me. ive had constant pain with sufe but recently its become unbearable i made an app with my drs a few weeks ago and had an xray done which confirmed that my hip is deteriorating superiorly . i am now in so much agony and have been told an operation is the only way forward and id need a hip replacement, i am only 27 years old and suffer with a severe anxiety disorder, i just wondered if any one suffers from this condition and did you have the op/ no op how do you cope im at the point where i can hardly walk and i cant even do the housework xx

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Hello lucasbear22

I know nothing about this condition but do know about hip replacemnt..

It is major surgery yes but routine these days. 4 days in hospital, OT makes sure you can look after yourself and off you go home.

Obviously there are strict rules as to what you can do afterwards and many exercises to do.

My advice is if your consultant says you need the op then have it.

Do you have anyone to help out with your baby? That is very important as you will be liited in what you can do/

It is worth getting in touch with social services and I don't say that often. I can't advise as each local authority is different but you have a very good case.

My husband had hip replacement about 4 years ago when still relatively young. Best thing he ever did.


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Thank you for your reply. i do have my husband who is amazing and i know he will help me but he has work and although he will book sometime off he wont be able to book loads of time off im just worried with having stairs ect and my little boy needing things that il be unable to do. im glad the outcome for your husband was a good one. ive been back to the drs and being referred back to the orthopedics so il be put on the waiting list for the op! thank you x


Make a list of everything you can think of to take when you go to see consultant. If he is too busy make sure you find someone who can answer you.. You get a leaflet of dos and don'ts but it is very general. You have a small to look after. and that may prove tricky.

Do try social works too - you never know!



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