So much pain :'(

My pain is getting worse. I've recently been in intense amount of pain and today it really feels like someone's stabbing me in the back, plus achy legs, hips and hands. I have noticed my legs and now hands getting weaker - making it more difficult to walk. I feel that my cp is just getting worse and I'm really sad and frustrated as I can't do things as I used to before. :'(

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  • Hey there. I see that you are really young like me. I'm 22. What options for pain treatment did you tried? Painkillers, any injections, spinal cord stimulations, surgeries? Let me know so I can suggest some things that might be helpful for you...

  • Hi, I've tried the strongest painkiller there is and physiotherapy and none of them have worked... :'(

  • Well, since all of that didn't help (painkillers often provide short therm relief, if any), physical therapy is a 50:50 solution honestly, you should consider trying some injections for pain. I will send you a message with a list of options available and you can consider trying som of them. Keep it up strong my friend, you are not the only one.

  • Hi, I'm new on the site, but I do know exactly what you mean by getting frustrated. I've had pain for 11 years solidly without reprieve. Drives me round the bend sometimes, and other times I grit my teeth and try to act cool. Am I bovvered?! I've tried everything known to man, in my attempts to ease/cure/stop the agony, nothing works. My nerves have been damaged for too long they tell me. Surgery failed. You described perfectly how I've been today, hence I am still hurting at this time of the day/night. An extra hour in bed means nothing to me, if I can't lay there to start with, as the clocks go back an hour. The only thing I have found which made it all more bearable was finding an exact diagnosis, instead of being left just wondering what on earth was wrong with me. It made me relax just knowing the pain was real, and it was a genuine reason for me to feel this way, it had a name! Always worth pursuing the matter with a Consultant, in order for them to find out if another cause is giving you a reason for hurting so bad. Sorry I can't be more help, but hope you can laugh at yourself, the same way as I laugh at myself, it does help to ease tension. x

  • Yeah, that's what gets me so upset- the fact that doctors don't know what's wrong and apart from that no one knows how much pain I go through on a daily basis, and it's difficult to explain it to them. I'm just sick of this pain and I really want people to understand what I'm going through- cos it really is hell (although on the outside I may not seem like I'm going through hell- I AM :( )

  • I agree that finding out why you have the pain makes it easier. I don't know why, you are still in as much pain but you have a reason for it. Hope you find somethingbtonhelp you. It's hard.

  • Thank you, it is really hard!

  • If you suffer Chronic Pain have you discussed a place in a Pain Clinic.

    They look at your condition and suggest treatment plans. Talk to your GP etc. He may refer


  • Hello aap123,

    I am sorry that you are going through this. I wish that I could hug you and tell you that I understand much of what you are feeling and that you are not alone although you may feel that you are. I will not pretend that I know much about cp, I don't. But I am very familier with constant chronic pain all over the body. If you were my child I would suggest that you begin to Meditate if you have not already. Meditation will help strenghen your mind. The mind is like a muscle that needs to be excercised. This will help you better deal with the immense difficulty you face. Let me be clear though and say that I am not suggesting that you will have less pain. I am saying that meditation may help you deal with the pain and your condition more appropriately. Because of your youth your mind is less condition than someone my age and therefore you may experience even better results than I have had. This is not a one and done deal and will take some daily dedication. However it is something that you can definitly do even in pain. All you need is a comfortable chair and a quiet room and the willingness to practice. PM me if you want to learn mre, there are several different ways to do this but I prefer simple.

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