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I had my ultrasound this morning on my upper arm and shoulder. Bad news is that I have a rip in my bicep tendon and one in my shoulder. I have put up with the pain for so long but at least I know what it is now. Unfortunately it is my right arm and shoulder and I am right handed. I am being referred to a shoulder specialist. I originally "popped a tendon" four years ago but was told to do pysio and it would take ages to heal but I was never sent for any further investigations so I just put up with it as usual but when my shoulder started to get bad I decided to pester my GP until I got some tests done! I dont know when I hurt my shoulder but all I know I have been in pain with it for the last four and half months?

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Have they checked for a build up of fluid in the arm. Tears in a tendon can do this. Google "erythromycin anti inflammatory". It is possible that a week course of erythromycin will prove helpful and ease the pain.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for that. The ultrasound did not show up any excess fluid but I am being referred to a Specialist so no doubt all will be discussed then as to options.


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