Hi my name is Martin and i live in Ashford kent i have so many things going wrone with me such as ME/coronary heart disease /arthritis /sleep apnea /unstable angina /oedema / copd / i might have not spelt them right but you can get the idea. Haveing so much wrone with me is so hard,i used to go fishing a lot and out on my motorbike but now i can not,yes it makes me fill vrey low but i do not show it to my family or friends i just keep it to myself. I do think why me but then i think of people that are worst than me Martin from ashford kent.

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  • Martin

    You must share your problems with someone you trust and respect. There are all sorts of sound reasons for doing so, one of which is that you will avoid additional problems further down the road.

    I appreciate this may be difficult for you, but it is a positive step and possibly a fresh start.

    Good Luck


  • Thank you

  • hi martin its good that you have come on the forum and expressed what is going on for you and how your feeling. its not good to have to keep it all in. i know my friends are fed up hearing about me as they have never been ill so they dont understand so i try not to complain to them as i only end up getting hurt by their attitude. there are many people here that you can talk to about how you feel and and the support of people who are in the same boat is just so helpfull. that is a lovely picture that you have posted, the colours of the sky and they sea look so beautiful. it is awful not being able to do the things that you once did. those are the things that we have to come to terms with and look for new hobbies and things to do to take your mind of things. i wish you well and hope others will come and show their support. sunday can be a very quiet day on the forum but im sure other folk with come along soon to talk. love grace. xoxoxo

  • Hi grace thank you for your words thay helped take care Martin

  • Hi grace thank you for your words thay helped take care Martin

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