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Hi everyone. I'm curious to know. I heard that medical marijuana is good for chronic pain and chronic illness. Please don't get me wrong. I have never did any type of drugs that wasn't prescribed to me. But now I'm concerned about the side effects of all these different type of pain meds that I'm taking. I'm afraid of getting addicted to them. My pain gets so intense sometimes it's scary. I'm not looking for a reason to smoke marijuana I'm just looking for relief from this agonizing, uncomfortable,horrible pain.

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Cannabis for medicinal use is in tablet form, they would not force you to smoke it.

There are all sorts of arguments that rage around its use for pain relief. My view is that if it works well, why not. It is far less harmful than powerful opiate based pain medication.

Finding a GP to discuss this issue with you should not be a problem.

I have tried herbal cannabis, but did not find it particularly effective.

Best Wishes



Thanks Jim.


Ask Raffs over in RLS forum.

Also about Kratom.


Hi, I have fibro & I use cannabis as a medicine to treat it. I also use legal CBD products made from low thc cannabis. It was announced today that CBD products are now be treated as a medicine rather than a supplement and so should only be sold by licensed suppliers.

I find cannabis & CBD products work very well for a lot of fibro symptoms. I use CBD when I need a clear head. It helps with joint pain & swelling, muscle pain & stiffness. I use cannabis in the evenings & when I have a flare up. For myself, both work better than any of the prescription meds I've been given to try. I came off a lot of prescription meds due to the side effects. My liver will never fully recover.

I will issue a warning though. Although a lot of the scaremongering about cannabis use has now been debunked, it's recognised that heavy use of high thc cannabis strains can cause problems for people predisposed to mental health problems. I know where mine comes from & what I'm using. I've been using it for years. Be careful if u are unfamiliar with taking it or accessing a supply & if possible, vape it rather than smoke it.

I get my CBD products from a reputable online seller xx


Thank You.


I have now been prescribed liquid morphine for emergencies as all the well known painkillers, often talked about in this forum, don't help me when the spasms start or when the pain becomes unbearable. But, all these opiates are highly addictive and I try to avoid taken them as long as I can. Just watch out and only resort to it when pain becomes unbearable. And don't mix it with other painlkillers. I did it and became terrible sick. The stomac or the brain can be affected.


Thank You.


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