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Hi everyone! I just received my official med. marijuana ID (and my mom's caregiver ID) in the mail. I live in NY & it was prescribed to me for chronic pain and muscle spacticity. I'm totally naive to it and nervous to try. I'm interested in high CBD/low THC strains for

Pain prevention and hybrid strains for acute attacks. I'm also interested in its effects on med.-induced constipation, fatigue and

Anxiety. Anyone out there with experience?? I'm doing research but hearing personal experience would be most helpful. Plan to go to dispensary in a few days. Please help with any input. Thank you!

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  • I started medical marijuana about one month ago. I have anxiety, migraines, neurological disorders and spinal stenosis. I have tried the CBC oil with and without THC. I find the one with THC helps more with pain. Of course you cannot drive while taking it. Be careful with it cuz it can take hours to kick in. Don't want to take too much cuz you'll pass out. The oil without THC is somewhat helpful and can be taken anytime. Try the Sherbert strain of weed. No anxiety or paranoia. Good luck from Massachusetts's!

  • Thank you so much for the input!!! The info. you provided me is priceless as I have a lot of the same conditions you share. I too have migraines , neuro. symptoms, anxiety and I suffered a whip-lash type injury 4 yrs. ago that leads to chronic pain. I will certainly give the Sherbert strain a go as I'm afraid of anxiety and paranoia side effects. Just a couple more questions if you don't mind. Do you take the CBD oil daily for pain prevention & just the THC strain for pain attacks? Is that the way it goes? And have you tried a strain called Harlequin? I'm looking at that to try. Thank you Soooo for taking the time out to write me! May I contact you in the future with further inquires? (Can you tell I'm a newbie!!) Ha! Your new friend, Dana

  • I suffered whiplash last August, which triggered Occipital Neuralgia and Cervical Dystonia. Dystonia was inherited from Grandma, but triggered nonetheless. The neuralgia is evil. I am getting migraines almost daily since last summer. The Botox shots in my neck help for a week. As far as the MM goes, I prefer oil, but it can be expensive. So I cannot afford to take it daily. I am retired, and on a fixed income. I would rather not smoke, and don't trust the vaporizers because the batteries can explode. I have not tried the Harlequin yet. You can contact me anytime. I would like to be friends😊

  • Thanks Foxgal!! As I mentioned, I haven't been to the dispensary yet so I'm not familiar with their pricing. I've heard a month's supply of mmj can cost $200-$1300! Ouch!! I can't afford the high end of that. I am on SS disability/ Medicare but luckily have financial support from my parents. I'm grateful. Botox didn't work for me either. Tried it 3 times. Ugh! It was suggested to me to use tinctures for daily pain prevention and vaping for pain attacks. Good to know about the vaporizers. Smoking mmj flowers and edibles aren't legal here in NY. My only other options are oil capsules & a throat spray that I heard tastes just awful. We'll see. Thanks again for the info. I plan to go to dispensary tomorrow if all works out. Hope you have a low pain day! -Dana I will also start to follow you if I can figure out this darn website 😊

  • Good morning from England!

    I take the thc free product cbd oil, at the 500mg dose level. I have crps (complex regional pain syndrome) and have found it very effective with pain management. I believe it is the thc thqt can cause extreme paranoia and anxiety but the thc free varients are not shown to cause this and are actually helpful in treating anxiety, depression and a whole host of other problems, so i would stick to the low or preferably tch free strains if possible!

    Hope this helps.


  • I live in UK too so do yea get it on prescription or online if so can yea let me know please

  • Hey, i buy mine from grape tree, they have stores up and down the country and a website. I work for them, so know it has been lab tested and is certified, as alot of what is available on line through other providers isnt pure and the quality can be very bad.


  • Aww thanks hun I'll look it up online. Have been lookin but don't want to end up with crap lol got enough of tat already lol

  • Thanks for responding Amy! I do indeed plan on getting a high CBD/ low THC strain for at least one of my choices. I've also heard that about the THC strains. But, one the other hand, I've heard that the THC strains are the absolute best for acute pain. It's a catch 22 really! I'll let you know how it goes, I plan on going tomorrow if I feel well. Thanks again for the input. Take care and continue to feel better! -Dana😊

  • Also Amy, stay safe. We all here sympathize with you and your country during this difficult time. Peace to you

  • Hi briar rose I am also in the UK can you possibly send me the link where I can get this please ? I too suffer with crps it would be gratefully received .

  • So sorry I thought I had replied to you! was just clearing my email inbox and realised I hadn't! here is the link:

    Hope this helps!


  • Thank you very much x

  • Hi Danabaci

    I from the UK I take the CBD oil with no THC and it has really helped me with the pain all my pain has gone and I am now able to live a better life than I had before. We are not legally allowed to take the THC here in the UK. I truly wish you all the best of luck and pain free days. Take good care of yourself. Jan101 xxxxx

  • Thanks Jan. You leave me so hopeful to start treatments. I can't believe it's made such a significant difference! Do you also take pain meds?? I'm still a bit nervous to try. Also, does the CBD oil make you tired though?? I hear it's a common side effect. I'd hate that b/c you know with chronic pain comes chronic fatigue. I tired enough! If you get a chance, please let me know. Thanks for writing me back and I'm thrilled for you that you have found so much relief!! Take care and stay safe. My family stands in solidarity with you and your countrymen during this awfully sad time. -Dana 🇱🇷🇬🇧

  • Hi Dana

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding our terrible time here. Our hearts are broken to these very sad times.

    No I don't need the pain killers anymore. If I had a really bad day then I would.

    I had several procedures on my spine and have fibromyalgia and I safely have to say my pain from these are gone. I do get some mussels tightness because my mussels have not been used the way they should have been. But I am sure that they will get better as I use them a lot more.

    I must say I do not get tired also I do not get anxiety but everyone is different.

    I truly wish you all the best with your oils if you decide to take them. Like you I was very nervous in the beginning, but now I wish I had known about the away back in the beginning and I would not off had to suffer the way that I did.

    You take good care of yourself and I send my love to New York it's a long time since I was there but I love your city. Take care Jan 🤗🤗🌹🌷🌺🌸 xxx

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