Painful lungs

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if you can have chest infection without there being phlem or mucus. I have painful lungs and keep coughing but have nothing on my chest to bring up or that can be causing the cough or pain in my back. Its definitely not muscle pain because when i take shallow breaths i cough. Im starting to worey a little now. I had a very minor cold that lasted prin a day a few weeks ago but thats it. And advice would be really appreciated thabk you

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  • We are not GPs If you think ? it is just a dry cough, the chemist can suggest a linctus for dry cough. If you are very concerned talk to your GP.

    We are unable to advise a treatment plan

  • I asked because people may have the same problem. Im it looking for a diagnosis

  • If you feel you have a dry throat, a chemist can supply a linctus for a dry throat. I had a throat infection two days ago, it was the dentist who gave me a script for infection. We cannot really advise just suggest. Some cough syrups for dry cough may be all you need.

  • It is a dry cough yes but im just wondering if it can be. Chest infection even tho it is a dry cough

  • We cannot advise your GP will need to check where the problem is

    Have had conversations with my dentist when I was getting a check up I had a throat infection, our next doors had the same for four days and is recovering, they had words with chemist. Again I am sorry we are not supposed to discuss medical conditions.

    Health conditions are triaged by a GP. However you can try NHS CHOICES and enter their health conditions site, they have self help, guidelines

  • See a GP. They should be able to advise. Certain coughs can indicate need checking for lung cancer.

    When the head is at a particular angle you can get a cough because the throat is compromised.

    Asthma is known to follow colds in a number of cases.

    My suggestions could be totally wrong as there are so many different causes for coughs.

  • The same thing happened to me last year I thought I just had a silly cough, I was taken into hospital by ambulance for something else and whilst I was there the doctor said he wanted me to have a chest x-ray and they found I had pneumonia, I was in hospital for eight days, three days on a antibiotic drip and antibiotic tablets for ten days. I ended up having pneumonia three times in all last year. So please go to see your GP don't leave it, better to be safe than sorry. Hope you feel better soon.

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