Achalasia pain

Imagine your esophagus is now your stomach the many many ailments like dehydration when the lining becomes so sensitive because a acids you cant drink anything the pain at times is like swallowing a hot coal which happened to me a few hours ago. The hunger the craving that cant be met because eating meat would block the esophagus and you can either wait till it desolves or stick your fingers down your throat and hope lumps come up because your so thirsty Feeling weak depressed and anxious most days. Sticking to pureed foods or suffer the consequences. Achalasia is mean and mentally torturous.

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  • I hope you find relief.i googled the condition.i read botox helps some and then surgery.

  • Thanx Rainbow but I've had botox twice the second didn't take and first lasted 8 weeks and wasn't that good Hellors myotomy is off the table that the operation because my sphincter ( the muscle just before thegut Iis to badly scascarred. Also told another balloon dilation could be fatal So I moan alot but nothing can be done. The dehydration and hunger i must put up with including the pain I'm afraid.

  • I get so sad hearing about sickness and pain.and i hate my on the floor stretching.i heard a pop on my right pelvis .now trying to pop i will try church tomorrow.i was healed in church 20 years ago from a blood clot in my brain and my niece was healed of severe asthma that day after church.she never used her breathing machine her i go to try again:)

  • I found a great church today.i have tried several.moved away a long time ago from a great church.i think i found a good one today .hope is restored :)

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