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I recently read a book by John Sarno called Healing back pain. I've read so much and seen so many doctors, tried so many meds in my journey to try to get back to work and reduce my pain. This doctor has really helped me. He is in the States, but there is a website with support and help from people he has helped himself and they advise you how to improve your outlook. Basically, Dr Sarno has seen so many of us with debilitating back pain, leg pain, fibromialgia etc and he has developed a process to help without drugs or surgery ( some had been bed ridden for 20 years, others like me, for shorter times).

Frankly I didn't believe it would help me, but as I was so desperate I was willing to try anything! For the sake of £5, why not read it and see if it helps?

There are utube posts and is the website- I've challenged friends who were in a similar state to me to read the book, but it seems we are only willing to give it a go when we have tried every other avenue. I didn't believe it would help me, but it DID! I'm now at work part time so working back up! Worth a try?

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  • Thanks- will have a look!

  • have you heard of the feldenkrais technique? its amazing and there are free classes online. wonderful for body pain of all kinds, just google free feldenkrias technique lessons onlilne.

  • Freeing the Neck and Shoulders: Feldenkrais Exercises to Relieve ...

    Video for free online feldenkrais lessons online▶ 8:31

    20 Aug 2014 - Uploaded by Jodie Krantz

    Freeing the Neck and Shoulders: Feldenkrais Exercises to Relieve Shoulder ... in Free2Move exercise ...

    this is on utube once there you will find many more.

  • Thanks, will check it out from local library. It seems reasonable to spend as much time studying his and other mind-body pain research as I do in other expensive and painful treatments with nasty side effects.

  • please try and google free feldenkrais technique lessons online. wonderful for pain of all kinds. and the great thing is most of it is done lying down. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thanks, will do. My body-worker is certified in Feldenkrais, has adapted the technique for people in chronic pain.

  • thats good as its amazing how little one has to do with this technique. and you know that if you cant the movement with your body. you do it with your mind thats what is so amazing about this technique. there are audio ones and also ones that you actually see a class doing so keep looking until you find the ones where you actaully see whats happening as they are the best ones,

  • Hermes123 When in real pain and all else fails! We try anything as we are always clutching straws.

  • Thank you for that info. It's good to find a therapy that has worked for someone. There are so many snake oil sellers out there and it's hard to know whether any of them are genuine. So glad for you that you have found a way out of pain. :)

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