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Two years of pain severe lower back pain

I guess I wanted to put it out there. It happened to me, I did become a person with chronic pain.

I did all the things that were suggested and some reduced my severe lower back pain. the end of the day, I still suffer. And the worst days have become very very painful. There is less pain after going outside but if I'm out walking or standing for too long...I get a reminder! It's not fair, but life isn't fair.

I take 40 mg OxyContin on my worst days with 20 mg oxycodone for any extra pain on top. Some days it's been 40 OxyContin and 2 or 3 oxycodones on top. Along with....the good old water bottle on my back! I've also had days when I've only felt the need to take two 50mg Tramadol. Those are rare.

My MRI is fine. I have facet joint overloading.

How are others who suffer with severe lower back pain caused by facet joint overloading getting on?

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Morning. That seems like a lot of medication. Am I right in thinking that you are taking 40mg of slow release oxycodone only on some days and then with 20 mg of quick relate on top ? My understanding was that slow release medication was taken on a daily basis, adjustments made to the total dose if necessary but not jumping back and forth. I just can't understand how your body copes with Tramadol sometimes then up to such large doses of oxycodone. The amounts you are talking about I took in the week post surgery and I could barely function mentally. Week 3 after the operation I have reduced to 20mg and 15 mg with no tops ups. I still find my functioning a bit impaired.

Have you tried a Tens machine instead of taking g the extra oxycodone ? What does your GP say about trying to reduce your pain medication ? Have you been to a Pain management clinic?

I am also curious about why your pain is better when you are outside. Any ideas on why that is ?

Sorry about all the questions. This site is really good for helpful ideas. I am sure you will get other replies with suggestions as well.

Take care



Agreed it is indeed a fair bit of medication considering the cause - but this is just my opinion and it is for your doctor to advise.

A physiotherapist skilled in chronic pain is a good place to start. Unfortunately they are expensive.

Have you tried facet joint injection and then denervation if a good response to the injections is had ?


See an Alexander Teacher. You have a diagnosis, but not necessarily a cause for the diagnosis. An Alexander Teacher will not cure the problem. They may however enable you to reduce the pain and discomfort you suffer as a result of the problem.

The knowledge of musculature skeletal physiology is being turned on its head at the moment as the latest research is suggesting that every thing medical consultants where taught about muscles and bones before 2007 could be wrong. The consultant you saw would have learnt his anatomy and physiology before 2007.

The new stuff I am still trying to take in. Look up "muscle trains" on google. Lookup "tensegrity" on google.

Hope this gives you ideas for investigation that is effective.


The same as your self putting up with it take the tablets and nothing else can be done my back has had surgery on l5 s1 I have 30my OxyContin citalopram diazepam lodine pregabalin levothyroxine amitriptyline oxynorn ompezole its 4.30 in the day and I am ready for bed iam in so much pain


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