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Back spasms

I have had a really bad pain for nearly two weeks Don't really know what caused it but I do have some arthritis in my back also scoliosis and last year I fractured 3 vertebra which was agony. Then it was on the left side where the fracture was, but it is the right side that is agony Difficult to get in and out of bed, very uncomfortable sitting and jerks me badly when walking and makes me feel that I could fall over as back seems week. Doctor has give me some TRAMADOL but it is a controlled drug so wont give me repeats Does anyone know how long a spasm takes before it eases Thank you patricia

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Seems Interesting? But I do wonder what you can offer long term pain sufferers with all the side effects they come with, mine have been since 1969. so far I found little help and support! But seen many and varied Consultants over the years and people with wired and wonderful treatments, but it has still come down to self support, but now at my age of 78. I don't feel I have the energy as exhaustion has taken over. Bob.


Tramadol is good for pain management, but for spasms I would suggest you need a muscle relaxant more than a painkiller. Luckily I don't suffer with spasms very often, but a close friend does and she takes diazepam for it (although that is also a controlled drug - but you shouldn't need to take it for too long). Her spasms are usually eased within a few hours of taking diazepam. As I don't get them very often I'm not prescribed anything for them, and they can last a few days, maybe a week at most.

I hope you manage to get some relief soon.


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