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Persistent chest discomfort

Hello, I'm 16 and pretty new here and I was wondering if anyone had a solution to what my problem is. :)

For 3 weeks I've had a persistent strange chest discomfort, which I thought was just a chest infection since I got it the same day that I got the cold but the latter cleared up over 2 weeks ago, with the former still there. I can't tell if it's heartburn, trapped wind or something to do with my lungs but my sternum does hurt to touch. It also comes and goes, and doesn't particularly feel painful, just either intense or barely noticeable. My throat can also burn a bit too. It doesn't feel better or worse at any particular time of the day and I don't have any trouble sleeping. It can also spread to my back, but only in a very small area and rarely last over a minute.

I have an appointment with my doctor in 3 weeks, but I just wanted to ease my mind a bit(hopefully) because worrying about it probably makes it worse.

Thanks in advance :)

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Acid reflux maybe ?

Acid reflux is down to LOW acid, NOT HIGH acid levels in stomachs as many think it is, we need good acid levels to break down our food, to enable food to go down through our system, food left hanging around in the gut and not breaking down causes gut issues.

So taking antacid pills makes the condition worse.

Apple cider vinegar in water helps.


You are 16. You are probably in the middle of muscle change where weak muscle of a child is turning into strong muscle of an adult.

This is a matter you need to discuss with your PE/gym teacher. They have an understanding of the body development of someone your age. There is the school nurse who can also provide sensible advice.

It is right to worry. If you did not worry you would not seek advice and could end up with something that could be avoided.

Worth finding something form of physical activity that you enjoy doing so that you can learn how your muscles behave. Learning the ins and outs of what your body can and cannot do is a lifetimes work.

Hope I have been helpful.


Hello, thank you for your replies :)

rswx I have considered this, but by what else I've been feeling I didn't think it could be related. I'll keep it in mind though.

Coastwalker Again I have considered this, but I haven't looked much into it. I'll have a look around and see if your suggestions help :)

johnsmith This, however I haven't considered. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so I end up thinking the worse. This could be true, as I often get growing pains. I don't really have a gym teacher as such, but I'll ask the school nurse and see what they say.

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