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In February I was in hospital for nearly 5 weeks with what the doctors said was shingles on my sciatic nerve. It didn't show the usual systems of shingles ( a chicken pox-like rash,) but was a flat purple rash on my foot which was spreading up my leg. this resulted in me having a dropped foot, which is very disabling , and I have to wear a splint on my foot and walk with a 3-wheeled walker,and I suspect will take a long time to recover.Has anyone else had these little known symptoms diagnosed as shingles?

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Hi annepam

I have had shingles but for me it presented on my left arm from half way down upper arm to finger tip, including a very very painful blister under my index finger nail. In a similar way to you one of the first symptoms that made me realise something was wrong was I kept dropping things because my hand would not grip properly and I did have to keep my arm in a sling to help ease some of the pain and for support. I did get a rash but initially ignored it as I am prone to eczema and dermatitis, so it wasn't until it started to blister that I realised it was something else. But by then I was too late for meds so had to suffer the pain for weeks.

Shingles is as you say a condition that attacks the nervous system so it can actually present anywhere. Although the most usual place is around the middle, where it presents depends on where within the nervous system it initially attacks. Apparently mine was seated at the base of the back of the neck. Though I do know of people where it has presented on the face or even in the eye. That must be really distressing.

Yes I can understand though about it taking a long time to recover as it can leave permanent damage to the nerves in the area it presents. I often wonder whether that is why when I have an ME flare that I always seem to get pain, sensitivity, tingling and/or numbness at the base of my neck and all down my left arm still ten years after my shingles attack.

I wish you well and hope your recovery is as speedy as possible. Gentle hugs,



I had shingles after my first surgery, I had them present on my torso under my breast. I was ill for weeks and the pain was like an sharp knife stabbing me. You poor thing sounds awful to have on your foot. Hope you recover in good time, try to keep your spirit up x




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