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Hi my name is Alysha and I have lower back pain an it's been going on an on I've had back pain when I was in the middle of my pregnancy with my son Dalton he is 1 in September and the pain has not stopped just wondering if anyone can give advice on what this might be and if there is a way to get rid of it because of the pain sometimes I can't get out of bed in the morning witch as u know with a baby it don't make life any easier

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Hiya i feel for you because my sisters symptoms were exactly the same as you describe hers started after the birth of her son too after many arguments with her gp he finally sent her for scan mri and xrays which told her she had spondylitis. Dr said the bith as well as extra waight gain in pregnancy aggrivated a old injury which went undetected until her son was born she thought back many years to see whether she had been hurt years gon by. This reminded her of when she was about 10 or 11 she fell of a garden wall on her back the symptoms then were put down to bruising but her consultant said this could well of been the cause for the symptoms surfacing its been 18 yrs since her son was born and shes still suffering from spondilitis but at least its controlled with medication she has good and bad days with her pain but manages well she even went on to have anther baby 4yrs after her 1st son was born. Please see your dr and dont take no for a answer you get xray mri aswell as scans to out rule anything serious good luck😊xx


Hi Alysha,

I hope you're able to manage your pain a little better today (because it never really goes away - even with all the best pain medication and other tools).

I don't want to be nosey but I was wondering whether you had an epidural when you were giving birth to your son?

I'm assuming you've mentioned it to your GP. What did they say, have you had an xray or MRI and have you been given any mediation?

Its really difficult to know how to assist you without a little more information - I hope you don't mind.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

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This may be due to an over contracted muscle in the back. It is worth seeing someone who can check for this and other postural issues. In pregnancy the extra weight can result in the back being bent to cope with the shape. The extra weight should be balanced by the hips moving back not balanced by the back being bent.

The only person who can investigate if the suggestion I made is right or wrong is yourself. An Alexander Teacher can help you investigate if it is a posture issue. An experienced yoga teacher can help you work on lengthening out over contracted muscle.

Hope this helps.


Hi Alysha, welcome to the forum here. I'm sorry your having so much pain. I haven't had children myself so im not sure what might be happening with your back. What has your doctors said about it. I sure hope it gets better soon so you can enjoy your time with your baby.


My first thought (like carol-1966) was that it might be an autoimmune inflammatory back pain, as autoimmune disorders can very often be triggered by pregnancy, and spondyloarthritis in particular starts in young people - usually in their late teens or 20's. Check out the criteria for inflammatory back pain from this site, and if you think it fits, go see your GP about getting a referral to rheumatology

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Hi Alysha 1997, I have had terrible back since my epidural back in 1986 so before you were born and my daughter was affected by her pelvic floor so I know giving birth can affect you long term, some people do recover, somtimes it takes longer to repair just hang in there, I advise you check with your doctor for sure 👍😊


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