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Throbbing chest pain

Hi all : I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this type of pain before. We were camping this weekend and I had to go to the washroom. It is a short walk up a slight hill. I sat down and that's when the pain started. I starts in my upper back between my shoulder blades it is a intense throbbing pain that gets worse and worse and it becomes hard to breath and then it just gets gradually better until it is gone completely. I had this happen twice this weekend and have had it before. I did mention it to my doc but she had not idea what it could be. Anyway I would be interested in any ideas anyone may have about this.

Thankyou in advance


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How old are you ? Do you have any risk factors for cardiac problems. Do any of your family have cardiac problems ? What is the location of the pain ?

Is your pulse regular; what is the rate ?

Is the area painful to touch, is it worse when you take a deep berth in ?

These are all questions you should consider - I wouldn't post them online as no- one can diagnose.

Did your doctor other an ECG and bloods ?

Did your GP advise what to do ?

I would pop a yourself down to the hospital. This is to rule out anything serious bring the cause of the pain. Your title says chest pains but nowhere in the description did it say where these chest pains are. Best not to take a chance - your description sounds more musculoskeletal but of course this is just guessing.


Thanks for your reply I was not looking for a diagnoses but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this before. I don't know about my pulse rate and had not thought about taking it while the pain was happening. Like I said the pain is between my shoulder blades and it feels like it is in the front of my chest. Yes there is cardiac problems in my family. Thankyou for your suggestions.


Have just read your post, and am wondering if you have suffered with Shingles at any time? I'm in week three of a second bout of Shingles, and I'm having identical symptoms to you. My first bout of Shingles was 29 years ago, but in the years since I have suffered bouts of back and front pain when I'm run down. Because the virus sits in your spine, I'm fairly convinced their could be a connection.


Yes I have had Shingles and I am so sorry you are going through it again. Very painful. I am going to do some research on this while I am waiting to see my doctor. Thanks for the ideas. Take care Janice

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