Purple nails

Purple nails

Do my nails look pale and purple around the luna? I've showed my doctor and she wrote it off as "purple nail syndrome" but I have massive symptoms. I'm extremely tired, dizzy and lightheaded. I get shortness of breath and just feel plain ill all the time. I also get headaches and pain between my eyes with those headaches. I have calf pain everyday and sometimes tingling in the tips of my fingers.

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  • I take it you've told GP all of those symptoms? The picture of your nails looks pretty normal on here so it's hard to tell but your description of your symptoms sounds like heart or lung problem. Not necessarily anything serious but it's not normal to feel like that all the time therefore it needs checking out. Can you see another docter within the practice to get an ECG done etc?

  • I've had a echo and ekgs everything was normal except the fact that I get a high heart rate when I stand which they said maybe it was pots syndrome. But didn't say for sure. I've had many blood test and everything came back normal.

  • if your doctor thinks maybe its posts syndrome i hope she is giving you some help to get relief from the pain as it can be pretty debilitating for some people who have pots syndrome. have you studied what pots syndrome is and how it might be affecting you?

  • pots syndrome sorry i said posts syndrome.

  • My PC wasn't the the one said it was pots. I kept feeling ill so I made a trip to the Er multiple times where the super nice er lady kept seeing me and said she wanted to keep me there seeing I kept coming in and not getting answers. I stayed there 3 days and saw a few cardiologist and two said "maybe" pots and put me on beta blockers and I had the worst reaction to them I couldn't remember anything and felt really out of it and started having panic attacks. All of a sudden that's when my toes turned purple and they look me off of it. They said it was from the meds and it never went away. So from there I went to my PC and told her that they said maybe Pots and she had no idea what pots was and did more blood test and I had a Ana positive referred me to a rheumatologist, where they did lupus and ra test. All those then came back negative and told me my symptoms maybe fibromyalgia. No one knows what's wrong and it makes me sad because all I want to do is feel better. I've read a lot about pots but seeing I have bad reactions to meds, meds probably won't be helpful in my case. I just want to know what it really is. Is it pots? Is it lupus/ra? Because I was told by many lovely people on here that it can be a negative lupus. Is it fibro? Or what else can it be

  • yes i looked up pots and its very distressing and did mention that a lot of doctors had not heard of pots and it said to print the page and take it to your gp with you. after that reaction to beta blockers no wonder you dont want to take medicine.i dont know what to say to you hope its very a very upsetting situation to be in. of course you want to feel better but they have to find out what is wrong first. and make you better.beta blockers are not the only medicaton for pots they are for the fast heart rate but there are all the pains that your suffering from so you should be getting pain relief. it does sound very much like some kind of nerve pain but not being a doctor i do not know, i just think you should presevere until they find out what is causing all this, i wish you all the best dear. love grace xoxoxo

  • Your symptons sound like iron,Vit d or Vitb12 deficiency..Very few Drs recognise vitamin deficiencies so it's often missed.Are you taking OCP they deplete vitamins & can cause clots in lungs or legs.I would be if getting that calf pain have it checked for DVTs .Tingling in fingers is caused by nerve damage happening.Have Vit d serum& active B12 ,folate,ferritin,iron,MMA,homocysteine levels.B12 needs to be over 500 .Chelated magnesium will help fast heart rate,cramps,twitches,muscle aches. watch b12awareness.org for facts.

  • I she had only checked my B12 and I was good on that. I'm lactose intolerant so I take vitamin D already other than that she didn't check anything else.

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