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extreme pain

Hi all i seem to have a trapped nerve behind my left shoulder doctors have been useless sending me home with pain killers,Paid £80 for 40 mins with a osteopath who basically just took notes , Its my 4th week on my back on the living room floor, really bad pain only comes when i sit up straight or stand up i,m at my wits end, being the sole provider for the family i am really worried

Any wise words or help PLEASE


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If you have trapped nerve you need a physiotherapist not a osteopath or a chiropractor (who are crap in my honest opinion 🙄). Physios are medically trained and registered. I have had trapped nerve in my shoulder a couple of times and I know how painful it is. But I go to a physio who I have known for years and he fixed it in one session. And if it is a problem they can't fix they will advise you where to go for further treatment. Good luck.

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Oh and for immediate relief buy a large bag of frozen peas, wrap in a towel and put it on your shoulder. And take ibruprofen if you can.


Please contact the Osteopath complaints body. This does not sound like correct osteopath behaviour.

You may have a muscle spasm which needs to be stretched out. You could also may have a disc infection. Has this been checked for?

You need more investigations.


Heloooo. Are you out there? Have you seen a physio? Going to see one? Still in pain?


sorry for not replying sooner have been trying everything have a appointment today ,still in extreme pain in the upright position laying flat helps but still hurts painkillers seem to have no effect, the ice helped( thanks for that), need to get back to work asap savings running out lol,

many thanks for you advice


Lol. Sorry mate, didn't mean to hassle you. I just wondered what was happening. Hope you get it sorted. I know from personal experience how bloody painful a trapped nerve in the shoulder is! I was taking cocodemol to try to kill the pain when I first had it before getting physio on it. Good luck. And keep the frozen peas on it, it helps a bit 😏😏

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