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Moderation ?!

Can I ask why messages keep getting deleted off the site ?

Many people said nice thinks about a previous member of the site. It is clear he was well liked by most. I believe from one members post he got into arguments. I think pain wears us down. One of the questions I filled in asked about irritability with pain. I know I certainly jump down my other halfs throat.

Just because the thread didn't go the way admins expected it too - doesn't mean it should be deleted.

Should we all not be allowed our own say and opinions ?

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Hi john9878 I havnt been using this site very long, but its funny you should say about disappearing messages, I posted one the other day and it has vanished into the ether, possible I hit a wrong button, I do do things like that, or..who knows? nice to meet you any way, yes, pain can make you very irritable and you have less tolerance to certain things but it doesnt give you the right to take it out on other people does it? nor is it helpful as it usually only makes you feel worse anyway. Who ever the person is that you mean, hope he feels better soon. Lyzzie.

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Hi again John, I just reread your post, think I misunderstood, do you mean that the admin side of this can delete stuff they dont like the sound of? wow, Big brother this way, surely not? Lyzzie

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I think so. One of my posts disappeared.

Also one of the posts where people were praising a former member disappeared.

What do you mean by big brother ? Sorry I'm elderly and not very computer literature or up with the times ?

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George Orwell- 1984.

Ed Snowden - Now.


I don't know what you regard as elderly John but Orwell's book was published in June 1949. Even I am older than that. There are plenty here who are in their 70s and 80s and had not really used computers until coming to the HealthUnlocked communities.

Please never feel that you should apologise for not understanding something. There are probably hundreds of things that you could teach the younger members.

The community is here to help one another and generally the members do a fine job too.

As to disappearing Threads / Members, there may well be messages that some of us do not get to see. Eg on rare occasions Members have been viciously attacked by the use of Private Messages.

I am extremely concerned about the rights of freedom and esp free speech. We do however have to trust that the Moderators and the Admin team do act in the interest of the membership and over the years that I have used HU I have not found that trust to have been abused.

If you find a post of yours appears to have been censored then I advise that you write to the Team and ask about it.

Kind regards, Rib


Hi Rib, I havnt been using this site very long, what do you mean by private messages?. I really cant believe that the admin team whom ever they are would interfere too much, {I hope} and its true I thought this site was all about support, but some of the post have been q tad catty to say the least! it makes interesting reading! Im just getting through a flare up of fibromyalgia at the moment the pain is not so intense, and the answers from others on this site were caring and compassionate I hope none of us ever lose sight of that, thanks to all of you that have answered it has been very helpful. Lyzzie x

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Hello Lyzzie. In the first instance may I explain that I assume that people who frequent this Community are in pain. Many are people who have lived in chronic pain for a number of years. I do therefore try to cut folk here a bit of extra slack as I know from my own pain and meds I can get moments where my words can come out a bit shorter than I would have phased them 33 yrs ago.

When I my pain is too uncontrolled I do not post. Many members have additional health issues apart from their primary pain cause. Which can also affect the intermittent appearance of members.

PM, Private Messages are a feature that enable a member to talk either 1 to 1 or 1 to a select named few. If you visit the title page of a community you will see a button labelled Message.

The little magnifying glass is the Search button. Which is another feature new members can overlook.

Another feature that can be useful is a member's profile. Although lately HU have changed the appearance of the joining process, and fewer new members seem to fill the Profile form in. Not that they Have to, nor do I wish to imply that they Should do, but it can save having to repeat a bunch of info in regular conversations.

Profiles are found by clicking on a member's name where it appears in Blue at the top of a post.

I hope that this is some use to you and helps you get settled in here.

Regards , Rib


I don't understand your reasoning.... I could understand if you got complaints from other folks but I don't want anyone to control what I read/see....


You're referring to your 'neighbour' Daniel87 then john9878?

I do believe that once upon a time he was Dan/Daniel9878??!!

You said in a previous post that he's your neighbour and he introduced you to this site? I hope it can help you; you don't say what type of pain you have or what treatments you're receiving.

Posts disappear for two reasons; a genuine 'blip' in the system or because Admin/Moderators need to moderate!! Some threads are unsuitable, contain personal information, are purely just advertising or selling products, or just get too nasty, political or personal!

Yes, everyone has a right to put their point forward BUT this is a forum for support, advice, hints, tips & anecdotes for pain management. It seems that SOMETIMES that is forgotten and it's used as an insult throwing, cage fight which helps absolutely no one. Everyone's point is valid if it's written with good, genuine intention.

'Welcome' to the forum john9878; I hope it's a calm, useful medium for you!



I do not agree with any kind of censoring and it is a failure of communication if the Moderators (jeeze that sounds so much like a church of Scotland group...Moderators indeed)or admin...better term...I think , anyway' surely the admin have better tools than banning or censoring . But I do understand why, but come on everyone that lives and copes with pain knows full well about the up's and downs of living with pain and depression for that matter and banter is part of life .

Abuse is part of life one says things for affect and reflects the state of mind of the individual and says much about them, trouble is depression goes hand in hand with living with chronic pain and strong medicine, getting angry and frustrated with your lot is part of the course and letting rip is all well and good to adults and with the internet one can open with another nom de plume , so banning or censoring can be got around in minutes.

But I am not ignoring the difficulties for admin, and I do not know what legal issues may apply , but still' if we are to be an open friendly (and at times unfriendly) site then we as the users must be trusted to have lively debates and yes to fall out with each other if that's the topic that has developed , and we all know the time will come when we say things that might not be polite or someone takes umbrage, it's part of life to get upset, we don't need to be molly-cuddled , and certainly not patronised by being herded into censored topics that only they know what's best for our well-being.

Depression and mental illness is part of life sadly and we as adults with experiences of this will know or have an inkling and as a community hopefully play our part in helping someone through a sad time so a bit of trust please admin. best Alex


Without the moderators there could be utter carnage & anarchy so they need to hovering quietly in the background!

There has also been innocent mistakes of people putting their full contact details on here so it got swiftly removed (you never know whose reading this stuff!).

'Companies' selling prescription medications!!! (How scary is that?!) Again, removed promptly.

Adverts for all sorts of treatments & surgery etc; needed to be taken down.

I agree with you in part, that we should be able to debate, discuss & disagree but unfortunately, recently, some threads have gone a step further than that; people getting PMs that weren't in a supportive manner or posts manifesting into personal insults, so the admin/moderators needed to step in.

I'm happy to have 'big brother' in the wings; I don't generally (or thus far!) post comments to deeply, deliberately offend anyone so have no reason to notwant them there. There could of course also be a time when I need their support!!

Just a point of view........😊


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That's why they should Moderate, but stay out of folks conversations to decide what folks should and shouldn't see.


I have some of my posts deleted or slightly modified. On each occasion admin notified me. I did not like it, but they had a point on a sentence they removed in one of my posts. The sentence they removed could be interpreted in a way that I did not think of at the time I wrote it.

On another occasion a post linking to a British Medical Journal paywall article got deleted. Was not very pleased about this. So I made sure I did not do that again.

This site is read by lots of people. The way I think something is read is not necessarily how someone else reads and interprets it.

Admin have their rules. There is plenty one can write which avoids breaking admins rules.


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