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Nervous about MRI results

I had an MRI a few weeks ago in one of those new mobile MRI scanners there pretty cool but a fair bit smaller then the unusual ones. It was to compare it from my last one which was four yrs ago. When I saw the nurse or whatever she was at the back pain clinic at the Royal orthopaedic she told me that if there were no changes the results would go back to my GP as they didn't want me to have to go back as it on the other side of Birmingham from me. Now I know meself that things have changed (slightly buried head in sand). So on Tuesday I rang my gp up but they didn't have any results. This morning the orthopaedic rang me up to come back for results either tomorrow or Monday. So now I'm panicking cause tell me if I'm wrong but they don't get yea back that quick unless there's something wrong. It's just feckin typical were go I going on our first propper family hoilday ever in four wks it's bad enough that me 14yr old broke his arm luckily his cast comes off before we go. But I'm really anxious about the results. Has anyone had the same happen???

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Hi S, results are quicker these days and some consultants even read their own so super quick. What's less quick is doing something about the results in terms of treatment so try not to worry about that - I'm sure you'll still get your holiday in... 😜🍀

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all the best wishes for your results. maybe the got back to you quickly because they know that you phoned, and they were not back then.


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