Hey everyone hope you are having a good day.

I am so fed up, I have been waiting for over a year to have treatment at the pain clinic and just had a letter today cancelling my appointment for injections in August. It is so ridiculous that pain clinics are dreadfully underfunded. I am pretty much housebound with pain and so done with waiting lists.

At least Wimbledon starts next week and I can watch tennis all day!!!


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  • Aww love hugs I know what you mean im trying to get hold of my pain doctor never known such a farce it ok for them it not them suffering in agony have they made you a it here appointment im waiting to see a specialist doc said we get you in as soon as as I have suffered 14 years and guess what no appointments so not even got a date hugs jill xxx

  • Hello Dunkdl

    Is this a first appt or follow up?

    We have been monitoring this very carefully in Scotland within the CPGCP. People don't appear to wait too long for first appt but second and subsequent is anyone's guess.

    Reasons range from no staff, no beds, no anything they can think of.

    It is not the fault of the pain clinic but seems lack of theatre space to carry our procedure as day surgery.

    We would ask you to notify the NHS board you come under - - wherever in the UK you are.

    We have fought so hard over many years to get recognition for chronic pain but it seems to be slipping back to the old days where no one had time or money for treatment.

    Pat x

  • Hi Pat

    I had my initial assessment a few weeks ago and my appointment in August was for my first round of steroid injections. I know that it isn't the pain clinic's fault. From what I have heard from my gp and other doctors the pain clinic in Bath is severely underfunded. The trust has not invested enough in pain management at the RUH Bath. There just aren't enough doctors and specialists or clinics each week. I was on a waiting list for 4 months to get onto the waiting list, a further 6 months to be assessed and now several months waiting for treatment.

    It is absurd that 2 of the longest waiting lists are pain management and mental health.


  • Oh lovely Bath! Used to live at Taunton years ago and shopped up there.

    So...make lots of fuss. Get on to admin. Enough of them. Get on to your NHS. The more of us who speak out hopefully something will happen.

    Certainly up here we have plenty of everything apart from theatre space.


  • no wonder they are the worst two underfunded because if you cant get your physical pain sorted your much more likely to suffer from mental health problems like depression and god know where the mind can take a depressed person, its criminal. i send my deepest caring hug to you not that it will help your pain but im sending it anyway. 💔

  • The worst waiting lists are for neurology 8 months is common

  • That is so disheartening especially when there is a possibility of some relief. I had a nerve block and 2 ESI they did help. I paid for them £1800 he is an excellent consultant. When they took me into theatre the whole staff in that area were very kind.

    I'm seeing a surgeon on the NHS after another MRI I'm having next week. TBH I would rather see mr Hammond. If the operation is a no go then I hope to see mr Hammond under the NHS, he has good success with back problems & does a MILD decompression on the spine less invasive.

    So we will see what happens come the Autumn.

    Hope they can make an appointment for you soon an you get a cancellation.

    Jen x

  • Hi Jen

    Thank you for your kind reply. I had injections and a high frequency current run through my spine, RF ablation I think, over 10 years ago privately and I was virtually pain free for over 5 years. Wish that I could afford to have done again privately.

    Hopeyou are having a good day.


  • Hi D ,

    Sorry to hear you have had your long overdue appointment cancelled, As previously mentionend below perhaps you can ring them maybe get in especially as they often get people cancelling daily with them , worth a try.

    I had my assessment at pain clinic in April with my first appointment for pain management for my back condition for 6th July . I am not hopeful they will be offering me any facet joint injections from what they said at the initial assessment. They all seem to sing off different hymn sheets , I am seeing my gp on friday so I am going to bring it up with her. I have now just been prescribed Gabapentin to replace the amitriptyline , haven't taken it yet as am concerned about taking more tablets when i am sure injections would be more beneficial. I hope you get sorted soon , in the meantime enjoy the tennis and we are always here to support one another on our concerns with pain issues. Take care :)

  • The hospitals in oxford are the same. I paid for a few pain injections privately because I couldn't wait any longer. Non of them worked for more than three months so I am trying to manage without which is easier said than done at times. Hope you get it through soon. X

  • ah thats ridiculous. you are being left to suffer. contact pals at your hospital and make a complaint and they may sort something out for you.

  • My friend was sent home day after her operation, she ended up with a serious infection from vein removal in her leg and got blood poisoning due to lack of after care. they sent her home with the infection. she had out patients treatments since but she is not fully recovered after six months. This is what happens with lack of care of patients.

  • This is so unfair isnt it? It would be 6 weeks wait my GP - but she is awesome. I live in Northern Ireland and our NHS is crippled. I have now started paying private for my treatment and have already spent thousands. I hope you get a new appointment soon xx

  • hi dunkel i hope that your not in pain tonight and get a sleep. im just getting ready for bed myself i'v been sleeping a lot i hope i sleep tonight myself.god bless you and in my grace 🙏❤️💤

  • Hi Grace

    I hope you got some sleep last night and you are having a good day. I managed to get some sleep myself but unfortunately woke up in pain and not feeling too well. The constant onslaught of painkillers has taken a toll on my stomach.

    Have a blessed day


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