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Knee problemns

Hi I,m Leslie can I just relate to all concerned that I went into a large well equipped hospital in N I to have an operation on my right knee that was in 2014 ,over 2 years ago but my leg which I was told would return to normal in 6-9 months just remained swollen meaning constant pain sleepless nights and waterworks problems many times I regret going into hospital but I was told It was in my best interest and I would return as good as new I definitely would have been better off living with my limp than suffering the pain I have now. Why does this happen and no one seem,sto care

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I think it's hard for the medical profession to admit failiure. Other doctors are not always willing to try and fix or put right other folks mistakes.

Try to get to a pain clinic to get your pain under control.


Thanks for your interest in my case I will take your advice on board and thanks again Leslie. Allen



I can identify with what you say.In Nov 2013 I went into hospital for a synovectomy/ arthroscopy .Whilst under anaesthetic they found a couple of other problems which were corrected at the same time.Few days after surgery I suffered a dvt in that same leg and was in constant pain following the op.A couple of months after that I had another dvt in the other leg.Months later I was still in pain and my leg was rise than before the op.I too regretted having the procedure done.

Anyway to cut a long story shorter when I spoke to consultant about it he said they could try and correct it but further surgery may leave me even more worse off than I am now , even a total knee replacement couldn't guarantee success,So I am going to stay where I am.

Prior to your op you would have signed a consent form which I think is their get out of jail card.No operation is guaranteed to be successful and is done with best endeavours .So unless the hospital have actually been negligent in their treatment of you then I think you may have to just accept what has happened and look to do some form of ongoing pain management.If you think they were negligent then it's very difficult to prove and it a complete minefield .Also if you start to ask other medical professionals to put things right as Danslatete says they are not keen to do so, plus they also close ranks.The medics look after their own professionals.

You could try speaking to your surgeon who performed the op and ask him to give you a synopsis of the op and why it wasn't as successful as you were led to believe,but I doubt you would have a response that would satisfy you.

Speak to your GP about pain management clinics and see where you go from there.

If there is any on this site who thinks what I have said is incorrect please put me right.

Take care Leslie.




Thank you kindly for your comments but at the moment I ave no nation to go anywhere near my surgeon or my doctor as I think the complete health service I absolute rubbish

Thanks again Leslie. Allen


So you won't be using them ever again then if they're so "rubbish"??

A very harsh, sweeping statement; one you may regret one day. I don't understand why you'd come onto a forum that is for supporting people dealing with major health problems and with your very first post, slag off the NHS?

Your gripe is surely with one particular hospital trust? How does this equate to 'the NHS'?

What steps have you taken to aid resolution with this?

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Hi Lesliea,

I am so sorry to hear of your pain. How is your mobility? I am guessing it is not much? Are you able be on the stionary bike? Does icing help? Starting to move it and get the inflammation down will help it a lot. Continue with Pt exercises and core conditioning. Do you have acess to a pool?

I hope we can get you feeling better soon!



hi Leslie, I'm scheduled for knee surgery next month. I a little concerned now. Did you have a full knee replacement or half ? Or was the surgery for something else? It always worries me about doctors and surgeries. I've had eight surgeries and my sholders never got any better. The same doctor did them both. So I didn't want the same doctor who did my carpal tunnel do my knee cas wasn't happy with him. Still have weakness in my left hand / wrist after seven months. Once a surgery goes bad ,it hard to find another doctor to try to fix the problem.


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