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Controlling chronic pain with no diagnosis

Hello, just wanted to give some advice for undiagnosed pain sufferers. I have been suffering chronic neck and back pain with also random leg and arm and shoulder pains and pins and needles and numbness for 11 years, it all started from a back injury I suffered at work and I have had 2 mri scans, blood tests and x-rays and doctors and physios just telling me I'm hyper mobile that's why I have pain and I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years later. I was convinced the pain was from that injury sister in law suffers migrants and she advised me to take magnesium and vitamin d together as she has tried it and her migrants have improved after trying 10 yes of prescription drugs of all kinds, so anyways I thought I will give it a go because I had just about given up on amitryptiline and gabapentin as they didn't really work! I had instant improvement since taken them and I have never missed a tablet since and I can honestly say I have about 95% improvement in pain and health. I have gone from someone who would lie in bed all day after work and cry myself to sleep to someone who now goes to the gym and has a smile on their face..just hope I can spread the word and help somebody else too I know all chronic pain isn't the same but please give it a go get the tablets from Health food shop and good luck :)

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Glad the magnesium and vitamin D are working for you, but if anyone else is thinking of trying it, do make sure you check with your doctor first. Magnesium in particular can upset your mineral balance (in particular calcium) if you take even slightly more than your body needs and that can have an impact on calcium levels, your bones, etc.


Whilst I agree with you I don't think it can do any harm if you stay below daily allowance and I think if it did do harm you would notice very quickly that it was, remember magnesium is used to treat constipation (Epsom salts) so a sure way of finding out you are having too much is the fact you will get diarrhea, I do think it's important for anyone to ask a doctor if they are unsure but I think it would become clear very quickly if any supplements were damaging your health, for example I tried vitamin b a couple of weeks back and it gives me a headache that was very clear to me so I stopped immediately.


I think your right about magnesium. When I had a lidocaine infusion my consultant added magnesium to it. Unfortunately I didn't get much relief from the infusions but there is definitely something about magnesium- in fact I'm glad you've reminded me of this I'm going to get some ordered. Do you think it would interfere with other meds??

Lou xxx


Hi lou, sorry for the late reply I've been moving house! I couldn't unfortunately comment if it will interfere as I completely stopped all meds when I started taking it and haven't has any meds since. Remember everyone is different in how things we eat and meds we take how they affect our bodies and side effects. For me I felt nothing but brilliance from magnesium and vit d but for you this could be different. I think start at a low dose, I personally think it cant damage you if you stay in your daily allowence, you are allowed upto 350mg a day so as long as your dose stays below that (remember some foods and mineral water contain magnesium) then it shouldn't do any harm, if you are worried then speak to your doctor first but I think you will be fine :) do you have other symptoms such as pain getting worse when you drink alcohol or anxiety depression and restless leg syndrome? That could also indicate it's a magnesium deficiency..I had all these before and now I rarely do! Good luck


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